It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



When I name the file every morning where I store my blog entries on Google Drive, I constantly want to call it notes now instead of blog. this is very telling. I don’t really put a lot more information up here than I do on Twitter. Still, I trudge forth and continue to post.

I’m fat. I am officially not trying to not lose weight. I am of course doomed to failure.

Listened to alternative music all day today while working. I think it helped my productivity. Normally I listen to podcasts. I only listened to a couple today. I think it is easier to ignore music. I only listen to interesting podcasts so my brain is stops to listen to them.

I have an ear infection. I go to the doctor. I get drugs. The drugs have to be strong enough to get into the ear. This is no easy task .You have to use a steroid. The steroid affects your whole body. The side effects are aching joints. My neck is killing me. Only a couple more days I tell myself. Then my head will explode and I’ll feel much better.

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