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White House scandals again

I forgot some (in red). There are so many it is difficult to remember them all.

  • Using the IRS to squash political enemies.
  • Benghazi
    • Comments about the “fake” scandals pissing off the mother of one of the men who died defending the consulate.
  • Repeated comments about ongoing cases in trial in public. This is an abuse of office.
    • Obama’s friend at some university who had issue setting off his own alarm.
    • Comments inciting racial divide during the Zimmerman case
  • NSA overstepping the bounds of freedom and the constitution and acting like it is just all in a day’s work.
  • Our government promising to support countries and then leaving everyone high and dry.
    • Egypt and Syria are both basically The Bay of Pigs all over again.
    • The “red line” for Iran is apparently a mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv. Then again, maybe not.
  • Delaying parts of Obama Care without authority by edict (executive order) not to enforce parts of the rules set forth by congress.
  • Fast and furious, or hand the drug runners guns to make guns look bad.
    • The estimates run as high as hundreds of Mexican citizens dead by these weapons.
    • At least one American law enforcement member know killed with one of these weapons.

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