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In the seventies, a filmmaker shot a couple minutes of film of people walking down a busy street. IO assume this was to use as stock footage. Someone put in a voiceover of a director screaming at people to do thinggs and to stop looking at the camera.  It was hilarious. It cracks me up to this day thinking about it. Too bad I cannot put in a link.

Looks like we are going to have some pretty stout rain over the next several days. We need it. Austin needs it even more. Hopefully we don’t get too much all at once.

Apparently the thinking behind Houston not getting a space shuttle after the break up of NASA was because we already had a mock shuttle. I’ve seen that mock up once a long time ago. It looks like the real thing.

They keep throwing money at the problem and it keeps making the problem worse. It turns out that is the only tool in the box for these guys. How have we become dependant on fools? Oh, yes, the election.

It turns out Germany is on the “third tier” list along with China and Iran when it comes to countries the U. S is watching. It is SOP for the CIA to snoop on German government and indeed the EU. No one is happy about this getting out. They have proof of some kind that this has been going on. The U. S government wants to say it is normal and the Germans are screaming about it.
We have an internal online system for purchasing stuff at work. I got it to work. I ordered a bit of lab equipment that is high in demand. I got a USB to SATA cable with power supply. They are slow, but freaking magic when in a pinch. While we were still the old company, I had six of these things. They all grew legs. This is the best wayto tell just how useful a bit of kit is. I nearly did cartwheels down the hall, but restrained myself.

A scientist wants to get rid of many street lights by growing glow in the dark trees and other plants. I like it. One of the objections is the proliferation of light pollution.

Went down to the little cafe in our building at around 12:20. They were already out of the special. I turned around and left. It was pot pie. Nothing else will do.

The U. S. makes 15% as much steel every year as China. There are so many skyscrapers in China that no one has an accurate count.

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