It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



CNN Is dying. I remember the days that CNN was a trusted name in news. No more. They just lie about things. I guess they take their cues from our government.

There are 750,000 SIM cards that are vulnerable to some funky hack. It is simple as sending the phone a text message. Yikes. There are about 6 billion SIM cards in the universe.

Black boxes in  cars are going to be mandatory in many cases in the U. S. next year. I can’t wait. If someone is in an accident, you can subpoena the black box and tell all kinds of information about the vehicle. A bit about the driver too.

Some say the podcast sphere is shrinking. The numbers don’t seem to agree. There are more podcasts and more people listening every day. The hype over podcasts has died down a bit. Some individual podcasts have faded away. Oh, I forgot I need to call them media casts because the term podcast is owned by Apple I believe.

Chromecast is the way of the future. This is how it should have worked a couple years ago. Link. Someone listened to people. Someone sat down and asked “Why are we making this whole cable TV thing so hard and expensive?”

2% of NFL players get arrested every year. That compares to 4% of the general population. The spotlight is just on the players. -APM Marketplace

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