It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



We have a situation in our lab where we need to hook up a webcam to watch a process. It is pretty normal. It is the job of the new guy to get it to work. He has a degree in engineering. Tape was involved.  i would imagine that an engineer would think of tape as failure on a stick, but apparently, no. Must be that “new engineering”.

This morning, I was working on a script. When I get in this mode, I tend to put on blinders and just nose down and go. I did make my meeting on time, but the wrong meeting was in progress and I just plowed in and sat down. Right time. My meeting usually starts a bit late. I was on time dang it. Talk about absent minded programmer. I just stood up and left. Fortunately, they all know me. I did have that first day of class jitter for a second.

The bugs in our guts make a huge difference in how drugs work in our bodies. This is why people who are genetically and environmentally close have completely different reactions to some drugs.  The bacteria in our guts might break down or completely ignore some drugs. This means some drugs will have to be accompa nied by changes in diets or changes in gut bugs to make the drugs work.

Looks like fifteen years after a autism scare, there is a spike in measles. Go figure. “I was afraid of the autism. It was in all the papers.”

Someone came up with a mobile phone charger the size of a car battery. Why not use a car battery you ask? Well, this charger runs on Urin. That’s right you wee into it and plug in to it and go. They are working on shrinking the device.

A contest winner named SPAM.(Something Posing As Meat).

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