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There is a big move in Europe and indeed the world that big companies play countries play countries off one another. The companies want favorable tax laws and subsidies. This is simply how business is done. The countries want to change that. There are going to be international treaties now governing the tax laws for multinational companies. That smells a lot like international fiscal policy to may. That smells very much like world government. “Let’s all make sure the big businesses (who only make money off individuals at the end of the day) pay the taxes they should.”

There was a protest Sunday in Houston. I missed it. It was over the Zimmerman, Martin case.  The neighborhood was Memorial, chosen because it is a rich white neighborhood. No deaths. HPD was all over the place.

Eventually, the retirement will have to be cut on most European accounts. The pensions are simply underfunded. The current generations cannot find a job that pays enough for them to contribute to their own retirement much less pay for the last three generations. People are living longer, but want to retire younger. The idea of retirement is on the way out.

The president is worried about using a case that involved a gun to get guns banned. Every single member of our sitting government is only worried about using problems to get elected and has no intention of fixing those problems because then they could not use those problems to get elected. Our government is dysfunctional.

Detroit is bankrupt. People on pensions are not going to get paid. People and businesses are bailing out of the city by the truckload. it is going to be 10 years before Detroit is functional as a city again. The city has more debt than most countries.

Students just yapping about what is going on this weekend are learning how to encrypt their communications to prevent snooping. What happens when most or all communications are encrypted? Will the U. S. government ban encryption? Will laws get passed that say encrypting your communications is a sign of doing something sinister?

Zimmerman pulled a family of four to safety. What a racist prick. =]

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