It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


Lunch conversation

  • Driving on specific sides of the road
  • George
  • Texas colloquialisms vs other parts of the country
    • y’all (You all)
    • we’all (we all), vs we’ill (we will)
    • Hissle
    • Youse
  • Food
    • Epanimpas vs Scottish and Texas pastries.
    • Chicken fried steak and why it is called that.
  • Travel
    • Timing your flights to get the latest movies
    • Fuzzy rockets at the NASA gift shop
  • Car racing
    • Nascar
    • Formula 1
    • Rally
      • In car video is far more exciting.
      • Only want to watch the crashes and not the races.
  • BMW: Because assholes need cars too. Apparently, this is the slogan word wide.

Can you tell I went to lunch with a bunch of Europeans (UK) folk today? It was enlightening and fun. I think I have almost watched enough BBC to understand the humor.

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