It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


“I don’t buy Apple products when I know they are coming out with something new soon. They are always coming out with something new soon.”

Trayvon Martin was the victim, but all the hub-bub is talks about Zimmerman.

I have to reboot my phone to get on the company visitor wifi. Why? It should just work. This still doesn’t work most of the time. Not sure what is going on, but no one else seems to complain. I’ve only just recently started using wifi on my phone again because leaving the phone on mobile networking (3g) craters the battery.

Read a blog about the politics of hatred. They made some amazing points. Hate motivates much more than love or happiness.

I want to make movies with character names like “Alien 6” in the credits. That is, if I felt like spending my time making movies at all.  I prefer sleeping.

It felt like I got absolutely nothing done before lunch. It felt like I was spinning my wheels. Between fixing broken things that had no business to break and talking to people and meetings, it was just fluff. Necessary fluff.

That link ended up on all my social media. On Twitter I just said “Zimmerman’s secrets”. Should have done that on all of them.

I wish I could write. I mean write well. Everytime I try, it just feels cluttered and lost. I wish I would write regardless.

Got in to work right at 7:00. Had to stay past 18:00 to restart services after an update on a server. Long day. Feel like I got a lot done. Learned how to use some proprietary software. The bullet list is long, but that doesn’t mean much most of the time.

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