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Some excitement

Someone got arrested outside my window today. Too bad my window is on the sixth floor. and there are trees in the way of the sidewalk where it went down. I didn’t see anything. I ended up climbing on my desk to look out the window better. It didn’t help. I could hear the officer shouting at the suspect to get down and do something else that I couldn’t make out. I am 6 floors up and behind air tight windows.

I also didn’t catch a stray bullet so I’m calling it a wash. The only frightening thing is the sidewalk where it happened is the one I use to go to the restaurants near my work. It was lunch time. I was busy.

Some of the folks in the next office caught glimpse of what was going on better than I. Even with the perfect vantage point I missed it all. The entire building on this side was most likely turning their heads and gawking for everything they were worth.

the story goes that some guy ran round a corner in to view of the building. An unmarked car occupied by a plane close officer pulled up very quickly and the officer drew his weapon and started shouting orders to the man.  I have no idea how accurate that is. I only heard the screech of tires and shouting.

A couple years ago a guy in a pickup truck was stopped right in front of our building. He hopped the curb and drove past the police car in front. he tried driving through the parking lot behind our building, but was stopped by more police without a tussle. It was exciting then too.  I am pretty sure I mentioned it.

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