It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


Lunch conversation

  • Work
    • Money and quarters and years
    • Vacations
      • It is vacation season
      • Gencon
      • Thanksgiving
      • Christmas
      • It feels weird just coming off Memorial Day and taking 4th of July.
    • Projects
    • People (mostly good stuff)
    • Feels like Friday. We agreed we just want it to be Friday.
  • Houses
    • Floodplains
    • Country rules vs city rules
  • Weather
    • Heat here in Houston
      • It was cold a month ago.
      • You could hold your hand out and feel the heat coming off the blacktop we were walking across on the way back from the restaurant.
    • Drought in Austin
    • Crazy random thunderstorms
  • Games
    • New gaming consoles in Android and other platforms.
    • How Steam has all but revolutionized game development for the PC.
  • Retirement
    • How long to retirement
    • How cool driving an RV around might be as retirement
    • One of the RVs has a Smart Car rack that loads the tiny car on the back.

This was a small group. It’s funny how I am less likely to speak in smaller groups. I had one thing I wanted to add to a conversation about legal stuff and just wouldn't because I didn’t have the source story at hand. This blog has made me not want to get started on a story without some kind of source information at hand to back up what wilde allegations I’m making.

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