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Lunch conversation

one of the guys got married in Brazil last weekend. He spoke at length about all the things that went wrong and how much money he spent. I have a feeling the better half of the couple would have emphasized other things like dresses or food.
One of the ladies spoke of her wedding that was very Indian. It takes two days and has many superstitions associated with it. She made no mention of money.
I mentioned my wedding and the kilts. People got a kick out of that.

One of the ladies didn’t understand right off what we meant by bulldozer. We had to explain it to her. This was more due to a language barrier. This is a reminder how I now work for a truly international company.
We spoke about the guy who stole a tank and knocked down telephone poles. I mentioned my friend who owns a bulldozer he got used. He uses it to maintain his land.
I walked out of the lunch room on the story of the guy who made a bulldozer into a tank and how the cops had to climb the side of it and shoot him between bits of metal to stop him.

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