It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



My allergies are trying to kill me.

It was foggy this morning. People don’t know how to act when they hit a foggy patch. They turn on their brights or speed up. People have no self control or common sense.

I’m now at a big company again. The days of everything shutting down when the old man said so and him getting the whole company’s resources dedicated to one goal are over. Something I’m remembering from my time at another large company a long time ago is that there are multiple layers to the term “Critical”. That is, if five people come to you with critical tasks, you begin prioritizing the tasks based on the clout of the people. This is human nature and cannot be changed until we only have robots doing things for us. Even they will end up prioritizing on who is giving the order. Otherwise, humans will not get the expected results.

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