It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


Tattoo ideas


That one is the only one that has stuck around for a long time. It must might happen.

I thought about getting a tat of Marvin the martian many years ago. Then this cartoon revival came about and I completely lost the desire for anything resembling a cartoon character.

A friend of mine many years ago got Taz tattooed on his chest. Looking at what was permanently put on his body made me rethink the idea of putting any social icon image on my body.

So far, I have no tattoo. I doubt I will ever fork over the money to do one. If  I do take the plunge, I will have my friend Johnny do it. I’ve seen his work. He doesn’t suck. he might like deflowering a 43+ year old.

The trouble with tattoos is that they are more or less permanent. Some people get tattoos of their military experience because that is pretty much permanent as well. Those sorts of things stay with you.

I like dragons, but no picture will ever not get old after looking at it in the mirror or even just knowing it is on my body day after day. No people or names. No projects or religions or tasks.

>$ sudo rm -rf /

I call that one the apoolyps command.


Gangnam style! It is Korean. Why is this song hitting big? I am the last person to understand this sort of thing. The only band I really ever called was Red Hot Chili Peppers. I just knew the first time I heard them on the radio that they were going to be huge. I would say they had their moment in the lime light.

Geek News Central has been raving about the Windows 8 interface. The  guy likes it, but he has an issue with the constant and continuous cost of getting things done on a daily basis. You need to install external apps of course to get anything done. That is normal. The issue I have with it is that I’m broke. I have always had to find open solutions to save on cost. I will continue to do so out of need.

Women who drink wine tend to have more intelligent kids and more kids. This has nothing to do with wine except that people who have more money tend to drink wine. The measure of intelligence is measured via education and people with more money have better access to education. Correlation, not causation.

This blog is about to turn ten next Spring. Wonder if I should do something special.

At some point gay marriage will not be a blocker in the laws of this country. I cannot wait for the mass exodus of religious zealots and social conservatives. I bet the straight up bigots will stay because they are in to hating people, so this just gives them a better excuse to do so.

Gave someone who lives in Mexico my blog address. I’m international people! Well, someone in Canada reads the blog already. I think someone in Britain does as well. I’m more international.



I love listening to people talking about college football. It is all about money and TV revenue. That is why these teams are moving all over the place. No one cares one little bit about the fans. That is, except their wallets.

MY2K. This is a hashtag mentioned by the president the other day. It is a way for Democrats to make the Republicans look bad when it comes to this whole Fiscal Cliff thing. It is not working quite as well as planned. It turns out a conservative group has bought the highest advertising keywords. The thing it points to is an article speaking about Bernanke being wrong on the whole raising taxes thing.

The lawyers are trying to make high level companies responsible for low level employees. This means the the idea of company A hiring a contract company to screw people instead of company A doing it may be coming to an end. This has been done in the garment industry. I bet farming is not far behind. Will there be a day when there is no point in hiring contractors because they will have the same rights as real employees? Let me know when they hit programmers.

I leave the house in the dar. I et to work as the sun is coming up. I’m lucky if I get out of the hose before it is pitch black outside. This whole daylight savings time BS just isn’t making my world a happier place. There is nothing wrong with dark. It is just that whole seasonal attitude thing. I’ll live.

I had lunch today. There were leftover sandwich boxes from Jason’s Deli from some meeting. I had a roast beef box. It had chips, a fruit cup thing with dipping gupe and a cookie. I hadn’t planned on having lunch. That sort of thing has happened more lately. It seems I’m on the list to get one of those leftover sandwich boxes because I’ve fallen on a few. Maybe I have my nose in the air. Nat called me and said she got me meatloaf at a restaurant this evening. I’m eating good today.

I have a tiny bump on my left elbow. It is right in the spot that hits the table when I relax my shoulder while typing or using the mouse. Annoying, but not a bad thing.



What do you call a cow with no legs? ... Ground beef.

They gave us laptop capable backpacks at work. I had to transfer all my crap over to the new backpack. That is, I had to stop carrying a bunch of crap that I never really used. This is liberating. I should force myself to get smaller backpacks in the future for this reason. The new pack is lighter. There is one distinguishing feature of the pack that I kind of like. There are No logos on the pack whatsoever. Never noticed this on anyone before.

I didn’t know “whatsoever” is one word until my spell checker insisted on it in the previous paragraph.

SpaceX is apparently working on plans for charging a ticket price to get people to Mars. I heard the $500,000 price tag mentioned. That just doesn’t seem like enough money to pay me to go to Mars. (smiles)


While wondering

Heard in the wilderness in a stand of old trees.

“Why did they hang him from such a high branch?” said I.

“A husbandry of tall tree, and short rope it would appear.” said he.

“There are other branches that would work down here.” said I.

“Neither corpse nor tree shall answer your query. Perhaps we will find the one who tied the knot.’ said he.


Screw Twinkies. I’ll miss Wonder Bread.

Some people who work at Wal-Mart protested the the store staying open over the holidays. They want more money and they want more time off. It sounds like they need to unionize to me. Wal-Mart has closed stores that voted to start a union. It will boil down to either unionizing nationwide or not getting what they want I’m afraid. I don’t like unions. I’m just saying.

My head has been hurting off and on for over a week. I still have either an ear or sinus infection that comes and goes. I’ve tried all kinds of things. I need to get more aggressive with the hydrogen peroxide in the ears. I do nte nose thing every day. That helps, but it isn’t enough. I have all but given up on drugs. They sideeffects are just more than the cure is worth.

I just flagged a video on YouTube for violating my copyright. That feels strange. Needed to be done though. Not sure anything will happen. I’m sure I’ll complain about it in the future if anything comes of it. wish me luck. Goddamn copyright violators. Hang’em high!

They keep finding asshole traders who are not answering to anyone. They put huge amounts of other people’s money at risk. Now it is some guy in Switzerland who was trading massive amounts of stocks and blocks of “risk mechanisms”. Long story short, too many people trusted him with way too much money and he got busted losing massive amounts of money. He nearly brought down the biggest investment bank in Europe.



TitleVlog Outside
Another SundayAnother Sunday

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Drive vlog

TitleDrive vlog
DescriptionWhat I did on Black Friday 2012. Backed up my vlog footage. Of course, it wasn’t straightforward. Nothing in my life is.

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Wipe vlog

TitleWipe vlog
DescriptioncDrives and such, global warming. Day before Thanksgiving.

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IBM inventing brains on a chip

OK, not really. Here is a piece of the story

Instead of requiring the type of programming that computers have needed for the past half-century, the experimental chip will let a new generation of computers, called "cognitive computers," learn through their experiences and form their own theories about what those experiences mean.
"Imagine traffic lights that can integrate sights, sounds and smells and flag unsafe intersections before disaster happens," said Dharmendra Modha, the project leader for IBM Research. "Or imagine cognitive co-processors that turn servers, laptops, tablets and phones into machines that can interact better with their environments."

It seems like I’ve heard this before. Didn’t we have fuzzy logic a ways back. Wasn’t the promis of fuzzylogic similar to what they are talking about here?

I imagine a computer that get’s pissed off that it can’t have sex with that cute toaster in the bread room and deliberately causing wrecks at the intersections it watches over, just for a laugh.

I imagine computers requiring therapists instead of programmers to fix bugs.

The first computer that cries when it is about to be turned off will topple our society.

Will computers modeled after the human condition require religion to function properly? Will they need to believe in something in order to not fall for anything? Will said devices want to have vacations? Will they need to take coffee breaks? Will they want recreational drugs like digital alcohol? Will they feel slandered to be referred to as digital life forms?

Will intelligent computers be held responsible for their actions instead of the programmers who simply told the device to learn?

Say a computer in charge of a traffic light decides to change the light in order for an emergency vehicle to go through against the other traffic. Say someone gets killed in an accident caused by the change in traffic flow. Who or what is responsible? The programmers never told the traffic light specifically when to change the light.  The programmers told the traffic light to learn when the best time to change the light happens to be and do that. Who or what is at fault?

The programmers will say that they set parameters like the following.

  • Make traffic flow without interruption
  • Let emergency vehicles through more quickly
  • Route traffic around anomalies.
  • When everyone wants in to / out of town, give that traffic priority
  • When there is an event route not related traffic away from the venue

These all sound like great things, but that kind of thinking by people gets people killed on our cyty streets every day. Do we expect intelligent computers to do a better job?

I want R2-D2, Not Maxmilian.


A senior Hamas official tells CNN that a "calming down" will be announced at 9 p.m. local time (2 p.m. ET).
The "calming down" of the deadly attacks of the past week in Israel and Gaza could halt violence, but is not the same as an official cease-fire or truce, CNN's Ben Wedeman reported.
A source familiar with discussions in Jerusalem told CNN that Israel has not agreed to a cease-fire. "One of the Israeli demands is that there should be a period of total calm for 24 hours before committing to any agreement," that official said. Negotiations are continuing, the source said.
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is due to arrive in the region soon to help in negotiations.
CNN has multiple crews in Gaza, Israel and neighboring countries to bring you the latest accurate information on the conflict, the impact on people and talks to stop the violence. Turn to CNN TV and for what you need to know now.
CNN Headline News

“Calming down” What the hell is that?

  • We Need some time to regroup and reload.
  • We act like children with AK-47 rifles and rocket launchers.
  • We don’t actually have control over the people on the street so we promise nothing.

Hillery did show up in Israel and said something like “Israeli security is rock solid.” Bullshit. Where have you been woman? I suppose you can say anything. Did you redefine “rock” to me mush “solid” to mean on fire? That is how things seem to work under Obama.

What were they thinking? People in the Middle East had no love for Jews before Israel. That is, Jews were hated there just like the rest of the world. Then, they plunk down a Jewish state smack in the middle of the most contested piece of land on the planet. Jerusalem is on the top list of many religions as a place to teach your kids about.

How was it Western Civilization’s decision where the Jewish State is anyway? What gave the Brits at the end of WWII the right to carve up other people’s land? What gives anyone the right to do anything? They take it. They make their right. Isn’t that how everything since the beginning of time has worked? Well, until the advent of political correctness. Suddenly, nothing is worth fighting for. Nothing is dying for.

That is blood under the bridge. Let’s think about today.

Where we are today is a world where no one anywhere has the right to live without being dependant on a state somewhere. No one has the right to learn how to live without a state to be ruled by. No one has the right to be free and make mistakes and learn. No one has the right to teach their children unless the state approves it. No one has the right to hate. If you cannot hate evil, how can you love good?



When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to bust a cap in someone’s ass ...

I do not care about gay marriage. If two people of the same sex want to be Tangled in the blissful web of matrimony, then so be it. I just ton’d have a problem with adoption or insurance or taxes or death benefits or whatever. It doesn’t piss me off. It doesn’t concern me. Will this issue please step aside for something else.


Bad balance vlog

TitleBad balance vlog
DescriptionNeed to go to the doctor. Ear infection and bike riding do not mix.

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Let’s see.
  • Got up, felt great
  • Started to shoot some footage and basically failed
  • Went to Parent’s place
  • Ate Chick-fil-le
  • Hooked up their wifi, well the tech support guy we ended up calling did.
  • Went for bike ride
    • Shot some footage
  • Ate left over ribs.
  • Watched Dead Spac 2 Full Story
    • Awesome
    • Like the video better than playing the game if I’m honest.
  • Then I crashed


Vlog 2012-11-16

TitleWork and play
DescriptionMe complaining. You know how these vlogs go by now.

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“We will never copy a Western political system.” That was the new Chinese leader. I’m not going to bother attempting to try the name. I’m not even going to try to copy it. This guy is keeping his cards right on his vest. He took power and said nothing about his plans. People have no idea what to expect. One of the experts interviewed who would speak about the transition said the Communist party is a state within a state. It is closed to entry and full of tribal politics. The expert said it is more like mafia politics. I’ve always said that China is Alargarky by committee. This news article and interviews confirms that statement in my mind.

In Kenya, Obama has achieve sainthood. The homeboy made big. He is a rock star and a pope all rolled in to one.

Every bit of news out of Europe seems to be about strikes, protests over austerity, and rich people bitching about their favorite coffee shops closing. The only people making money are crowdsource investment web sites. Banks won’t loan, but the web will.

I mowed and weed whacked the yard last night after I got home. I got home after 19:00. I walked in the door around 20:15 or so. I was sick all weekend so that was a no go. When else am I expected to do it? To be honest, I don’t do that much worse a job in the dark than in the light.



What a wonderful walk in on Monday morning. The weather was nearly perfect. It was just plain good. The breeze was blowing. The air was dry. The temp was not cold if you were moving around. It was just plane pleasant. Now, tomorrow is supposed to be just above freezing. That may not be co ... um ... cool.

Lunch conversxation
Mostly work and one of the guys got a beach house. I have to admit that I’m not too fond of listening to the people whom I work with who made out big on the purchase of our company. I’ll live.

It was illegal to disagree with the U. S. being involved in the first world war.

Microsoft ain’t so bad

TitleMicrosoft ain’t so bad
DescriptionComplain complain.

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I spent most of today sick. I slept a good deal of the day. It is now late evening. I’m getting ready for bed. I cratered and used my work laptop for watching Xfinity. They have most of their content behind Microsoft Silverlight. that name reminds me of one of the names for the devil. I only have linux at the house for my entertainment needs. The only reasonable facsimile on Linux does not work for my cable company. They are the only page on the internet that  I use that requires MS Silverlight is my cable company. I pay through the nose and they are the one I can’t get to work.

Tonight I will load up on the generic NyQuil. I will dive in to my covers and hide until the alarm calls me again in the morning. I will, barring zombiism, go to work first thing in the morning. I will work all day. I will get it done. I will be the good boy. They tell me I have 113 hours of vacation in the pool.  I could take some as  sick day. I’m out of sick time for the year. When the big company takes over for real, there will not be sick time. /they call it short term disability. I believe there is an insurance company involved.

I have the Vampire Diaries playing in another tab as I type this. I do not like the series. or the books. They are teen girl footer. The screen is full of pretty faces. If the vampires to invade, kill all the pretty people and you are done. Still, it is something to have on in the background while I type. I do like the betrayal angle of the plot. They try  to cover too many points between scenes. That is, it goes too quickly for my taste. I want a bit of fluff thrown in that may or may not lead to a plot point. It just seems like they want to say too much all at once.

We are supposed to et some rain tonight. I just walked around outside. It smells a bit like rain. The clouds look funny. Not sure what is going to happen. The weather channel on my phone just blows.The walk in sucks in the rain. It is supposed to cool off by tomorrow at around 15:00.


Bump on the head vlog

TitleBump on the head vlog
DescriptionComplaining about work and laptops and a new bump on my noggon.

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Why do we care

CIA Director David Petraeus submitted his resignation to President Barack Obama citing personal reasons, a U.S. government source tells CNN Intelligence Correspondent Suzanne Kelly. The source said Petraeus admitted to an extramarital affair and that is why he is resigning.
CNN Headline news email

Why do we care that some official cheated on their spouse? Is it because this kind of behavior is morally wrong? Is it because this sort of thing could be held against them if they wanted to keep it quiet? What is the point in a business firing someone or corralling them into a resignation if they do something stupid in their private life?

Notes from Sol3

Earth has a name. The sun (that Earth orbits) has a symbol that is a circle with a dot in the middle. Sol is Roman. Helios is Greek. Link

Lunch conversation:
We had a talk about one-upmanship. We told stories about cutting ourselves and friends who cut themselves. It was fun. It was started by a band aid on my head. Someone knows what happened. I’m not saying.

Physically, I feel much better today. Yesterday, I felt like warmed over ass. My head hurt and my body ached. Now, everything hurts a lot less. Last night I flushed my ears with hydrogen peroxide, flushed my nose with saline and flushed my throat with mouthwash. I repeated the procedure this morning and will again this evening. Normally, I only do the nose thing once a day. The ear thing gets done maybe twice a month. I rarely gargle. Perhaps if I keep this regiment up every day, I will save off infection. I do not think there is a down side to cleaning one’s innards when possible.



Yesterday was one of those days where I got a lot done. I managed to get in early and leave by 17:30 or so. Yet, a lot got done.

2Email migration
Forward several folks
Fix broken forward
Upload new version of spreadsheet
1IT security meeting
1IT meeting with Terry, Pre meeting Stand up
2DHCP for Production x64 devices
Locate Ethernet drop for lab
Track docking station recipients
DHPC for engineering  (issues)
Remove [person] from support group
Check old tickets
Crashing Outlook stand up
Time Clock adjustment x2
IT Stand up on Server Inventory ss, share
1Overhead meeting for HR

It was a very busy day. Good, but busy. In addition to the time tracking I had three full pages of notes. Typically, I only have five or six lines of notes.


This morning smelled like smoke. I wonder if those farmers down Mexico way are clearing fields again. Other folks think it is just fog. Nat and I smelled campfires. Other than that, it was a nice ride in.

Sick as a dog today. If we weren’t a man down on support I might have taken the day off sick. Not that I have any sick days left. Once I was at work I felt much more energetic.

I love the Republican saying there is no hope of an agreement between the parties to prevent the tax hikes and cuts that hit January first. We are screwed. Someone said it will cost a household that makes $50000 a year something like $2000 in additional costs and direct taxes next year just to survive. This is ridiculous. I don’t know anyone who wants that. I know few people who can afford it. I know a few people who will have to lose something important to comply.

Space time cristle The idea is to make a clock that will run right up to and beyond the end of the universe.

EscapePod is one of those audio cast shows where they stick all kinds of information in the feed besides the links to the audio files. It can be annoying when you have a month of posts to sift through to get to one story. Then they bitch about the weather. Also annoying.


I took work home last night and did some things at home that I just didn’t need to be around for to get done. That is, some of my job is just sitting in front of a computer. That stuff does not require me to be in my office where I can be tackled and interrupted. Nor does it require me to be stuck at the office late and missing my family. I doubt my family noticed I was working. My nose is usually pressed against the screen regardless of content. This action was  a bit liberating. It was also annoying. I did after all have to get the work done on what was basically my time. Such is life.

Yesterday, I went down stairs to the place where someone said my team might be moved. I just wanted to take a look. The blinds are metal, so the midday sun will not drown me in light. The office smells normal. The carpet isn’t even stained. There is a door. This is a win for me so I can have meetings without people barging in my office and asking me a question without even a “hey Kelly” preamble.

Election? What election?

The world “lunatic” is one of my favourite. I should learn the etymology.



Ate a Snickers early this morning. I had a bunch of meetings and needed to have some sugar in my blood. Not sure it helped. The meetings went pretty well.

Pet peeve of mine is people asking to ask a question. This is followed closely by telling me they have a question  to ask me.

A red state like Alabama gets hit by a hurricane and Obama waists no time hitting his scheduled campaign stops. New York gets hit by a huge storm and The president is on station.

Listened to Penn Jillette interview George Takei. Wow, that was crazy. Penn Sunday School. He spoke of the Japanese people, citizens, getting screwed over by the U. S. during WWII. It was difficult to listen to. I knew it happened, but I hadn’t heard someone who was there speak about it.


Chat Vlog

TitleOh, what a tangled web
DescriptionMy work life is more of a web tnan this web.

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