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Vlog 2012-09-29

Titlerain and 2 wheelers Vlog 2012-09-29
DescriptionToday’s vlog

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Lunch Conversation

It was a light day at lunch today. There were not that many people in the lunchroom. Fridays are interesting because people are more likely to splurge on a lunch out.

  • Video games
    • Guild wars
    • It sounded like someone was giving instructions on how to get in a ranch or large house when I came up to the conversation. It turns out they were giving instructions on how to invade a castle.
    • This game has gone to great lengths to look and feel like really defending and besieging a castle. They have raised the bar a notch.
  • Work
    • Retirement options
    • Dental plans
    • Rogue Ford pickup in the parking garage taking up spaces it is not supposed to.
    • New equipment
  • Movies of late and how many suck.
  • Whatever happened to stepside trucks?
    • They fell out of popularity.
    • Apparently, they are even less aerodynamic than a normal truck.
  • Weather,
    • We decided it was good to take a look at the sun today because it is the last we will probably be the last chance for the next couple days.
    • Nat wanted to do a garage sale this weekend.
    • The rain ruined someone’s kid’s game of some sort.

Put “We spoke about” in front of any of the sentence fragments above.

Notably absent, thankfully, politics.

By the way, I made this one up. Except for the sunshine comment. I hung out in my office and surfed the net at lunch today. I needed a mental break. I thought about adding something about the UN and Syria, but that just didn’t sound like something that would be discussed at lunch in my office.

Originally, I was going to splurge on Smash Berger. I was reminded however that they closed up by the paper covering the inside of the windows. I thought about getting a baked potato at the barbecue place next door, but the line was from the back of the place to the front door. I ended up back at the office grumbling about missed pizza opportunities and faking a lunch conversation blog post.


ave me a ride in this morning so I could bring in leftover pizza from last night. I swapped out the wiper blades this morning on her car and completely forgot to grab the pizza. I texted Nat and she said it would be more for me to eat tonight and this weekend. Love you too sweety.

Listened to an audio cast about the Chinese communist government, remember, technically they are still communist, is having a difficult time allowing any online communication without allowing some criticism of the government. The Chinese way of life now includes communicating online. If The government cuts off this line of communication the economy would collapse and the people would starve because no one uses mail or the phone to organize the movement of people and previsions around the country any more.

Somehow I still listen to the audiocasts and news that contains politics. You can’t avoid it. I’m going to write in someone this year. I know a lot of Republicans who feel similar to me. The Republican party is too religious and not conservative enough. That is, they still spend too much money and then say things that sound like something a conservative person might like to hear. I wish both sides would lose.

One of the guys at work is on crutches. I can hear him clack his way round. He broke a bone in his foot so it will be awhile before he is back up to snuff. I was on crutches several months ago. My issues was gout.

Test: Regardless of what the problem is, if you think the best solution is something other than government intervention, you are a conservative. If you believe the government is the best solution, you are a liberal. Do you suppose this is a good litmus test?

Leaving the video camera taking a time lapse over the weekend aimed out one of the building windows. Don’t know if I’ll catch anything cook, but I’ll put up anything here. It turns out if you unplug the camera, instead of trying to use the battery to continue shooting, it turns off. This is annoying because the big storm tomorrow might make for an interesting display. The power is likely to go out, so the odds of getting anything cool are diminished. Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I just hope no one walks off with the camera.



One of the troubles the Greeks have with austerity changes coming down the pike from on high, is they, the Greek people, will have at or near the European poverty line for the rest of their lives to make the plan work. People are blowing a gasket. I would as well.

CEOs are worried about uncertainty in overseas markets. “China is slowing down.” “Europe is in chaos.” These are some of the quotes from Marketplace. Oil is dropping. Gas is not. The cost of food is up. Everything is nuts financially.

I am so jaded by problems with my phone that every time I make a change to something and it works, I feel like I got something new. This is a bad thing. I became livid when I have to reboot my phone to make it work. I become livid when my phone crashes and makes me wait 45 seconds to check my Twitter. Only this morning was I able to move several aps to the memory card to free up some space. The phone has been throwing errors for weeks off and on.

Really having issues with wifi at work. I have issues with the network at the house too, but it is the internet access that is the issue at the house. At work we are in the middle of a building stuffed to the back teeth with wifi access points. When run an app on my phone called wifi analyzer, I get thirty active access points in some places. I believe we are just one among too many to get a good signal constantly. it is becoming a real issue because our new business model calls for better wifi access for a lot more people. Fortunetly, we are getting some help.


I am the 53%

TitleI am the 53%
DescriptionHere in, I complain about politics.

This blog entry

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Remember that statement Romney made about 47% of Americans being moochers? Well, he said they were a lost cause to try to convert to the Republican vote. The 47% were happily dangling from the government tit and will do anything it takes to stay there.

Ever wonder why politicians never tell the truth? This is why.Mitt believes this or he wouldn’t have said it. This is one of those teaching moments. Romney didn’t screw up here. The public is screwing up. We should thank Mitt for speaking his mind and letting people who may vote for him know what he believes.

Where are the 57% protests? Oh, that’s right. They are all working. They don’t have time to protest. They can’t afford lobbyists.

Who are the 47%
  • Elderly
  • Low wage earners
  • Unemployed
  • All those people who have stopped looking for work who, by the way used to be called the unemployed
  • Prison inmates

I started out wanting to make this in to a video. It was just too complicated of a topic for me to tackle without a bunch of planning. It would be timely. I am worried that YouTube, being a bastion of liberal comment and blocker of the opposing opinions, would find a reason to kill my channel. It saddens me that this company has as much influence over the discussion of freedom and political choice that they do.

It is getting to the point that I don’t want to hear the speeches any more. I want to hear the gaffs. I want to hear the open microphones. I want to know what politicians invest in and what they say when they call someone at 3:00 am in the morning with a frantic tinge in their voice. I want to have a tap on their mother’s phone so that call that comes in to tell their family to bug out makes it to me as well.

If we had to pay our taxes at the same time we voted, we would live in a different country.

Makes it sound like a conspiracy theory

Holy smoke, I’m linking to the Huffington Post. My soul aches. Half the news links in the first 10 on Google News are to the Huffington Post. Bias much? It is difficult not to rely on the site.

Lunch conversation Razberies

  • Razberies
  • Who’s turn in the lunch group it is next week to cook, clean, or buy.
  • Wife beater shirt definition
  • Video games
  • Economy

The rest of the conversation went right over my head. I wasn’t supposed to come back to the office after hitting McDonald's. I wasn’t really supposed to go to some place and buy anything. This is a particularly bad month. I couldn’t stop myself today. I have no self control. I didn’t need to eat that garbage either. I’m getting older and need to eat better food, not junk. All around a fail today at lunch.


I’m about to go from being paid on the first day of the month to being paid twice a month. I think it will help my financial efforts. I’m sure I’ll complain if things get annoying.

Austerity means paying off debt and cutting spending. Greece is having riots again protesting the cutting of budgets and union payments. In other words, the people are complaining that their government making the decision to pay down the debt. People say they are not making enough money to live. Really, the Greek people feel that the Germans are telling them to tighten their belts. The money to bail out Greece comes from Germany. The Germans are sick of the Greeks living on their credit card. Now, trepet this paragraph and insert Spain, then Italy, maybe France as well. Leave the Germans.



Got something different from CNN today.

Home prices in 20 major U.S. cities rise to highest level in nine years, according to a new report.
CNN Headline News Email

Then later this morning.
Correction: Home prices rose in July to their 2003 level, but remain lower than the peak in 2006. CNN's previous alert erroneously stated that home prices had risen to the highest level in nine years.
CNN Headline News Email

Hadn't noticed this sort of thing before. At least they sent it out. Glad they do corrections in the same medium they did the error in. Errors happen. They need to be identified and corrected quickly and positively.


I listen to Triple R radio via audiocast quite a bit. They have shows about science and community stuff that are really awesome. It is sort of public radio. It is more like a bunch of people who do radio shows who are members of the public

That is one thing that seems lacking in U. S. public radio. That is, a sense of community. It does seem like Triple R has an agenda, but it is refreshing to have diverse agendas in public radio. U. S. public radio seems to adopt agendas and the whole year is devoted to shoving one message down people’s throats. it gets old.

There is something else they have that is lacking on U. S. TV entirely too much. It is sarcasm. “I haven’t seen any sugary cereals targeting kids in advertising.” Dripping with sarcasm.

Triple R has a show called Dirty Deeds that is about gardening. It showed up in the All Over the Shop audiocast feed that is about two blokes who bitch about the good old days for a couple hours every Sunday I think. I never miss All Over the Shop, not the gardening show. It just cracks me up.

Last Night

Last night I took a half dose of NyQuil. I was having trouble with a sinus headache. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I was out when my head hit the pillow. I woke up 2:00 or so and took a Zantac for my stomach. I had only eaten sandwiches and a few chips for dinner. I got up this morning and nearly fell back asleep sitting up watching the local news. I drug ass on the way in. My eyelids have been at half mast all day. What the hell was in that NyQuil?

I had a strange dream during all of this that I was attempting to go for the most bounces of a ball where the bounces end the with the ball back in your hand where you let go of it. For example, when you throw a ball at a wall and it bounces off the wall and then the ground back to the same place where you let go of it. I was working on 14 bounces, but was struggling to though the ball hard enough with control. I got so excited at the prospect of achieving the record that I woke up before I did it. Can’t win for waking up.

Tonight, I plan on relaxing, eating something more bland, not taking any medicine and getting to bed early. I doubt I’ll get a single frame of video shot today so that will help the effort.


Youtube has a global translator. This should be interesting. It works on the captions. If I add captions this service/software will translate it for me. Apparently there is a community source element as well. I think that means that people can come along and translate it for you. Not sure how that is going to work out if people put up fake translations. How are you supposed to check if you have no idea how to read the language? What happens if the people who put up the video are out and out lying in translations? Hope it works out.

There is a very sensitive camera that takes a time lapse of every minute of your life. It doesn’t wait a length of time, but has some kind of motion sensor and a bunch of other sensors that give it some idea of when something interesting is going on. It can then wirelessly upload it to your phone or network. One more way to turn ourselves in to big brother. Google Glasses is supposed to do something similar.

One thing I’ve noticed on audiocasts lately is the people shoving a couple different podcasts in to the feed that they do not belong in. I listen to a couple shows from NPR. I’ve noticed occasionally, the a different NPR show turns up in the queue I listen to. I’ve noticed the same thing on RRR more than once. This could be a human error kind of thing or it could be a stealth way of advertising their other shows.

Set up a computer today with Red Hat 6.3. I managed to get the wifi up and running. That is kind of what we are after. Our Wifi has issues at work. I suppose all Wifi has issues. The electromagnetic spectrum has issues. You can’t see it and it knows it.

Today, one of my coworkers asked if that wa me standing in a parking lot talking to a camera. I had to say yes. No point in lying to the man. I only hope, that I was indeed shooting video rather than just talking to myself. There is less insanity involved in vlogging I’m sure. Hey, if I do it and want people to find the end result online, then I need to be prepared for people I know to see me do it.
Last Night

Last night I took a half dose of NyQuil. I was having trouble with a sinus headache. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I was out when my head hit the pillow. I woke up 2:00 or so and took a Zantac for my stomach. I had only eaten sandwiches and a few chips for dinner. I got up this morning and nearly fell back asleep sitting up watching the local news. I drug ass on the way in. My eyelids have been at half mast all day. What the hell was in that NyQuil?

I had a strange dream during all of this that I was attempting to go for the most bounces of a ball where the bounces end the with the ball back in your hand where you let go of it. For example, when you throw a ball at a wall and it bounces off the wall and then the ground back to the same place where you let go of it. I was working on 14 bounces, but was struggling to though the ball hard enough with control. I got so excited at the prospect of achieving the record that I woke up before I did it. Can’t win for waking up.



TitleFog Vlog
DescriptionShort and annoying. How many rand,mn clips can you stuff in ... 4, the answer is 4.

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The walk in this morning was foggy. It was nuts because it rolled down one side of the street and not the other. I sat through one iteration of a traffic light just watching the fog move slowly past a street light. Tried to get it on video, but I doubt it comes out worth a crap.

Walked out the door without the cover on my phone. I have one of those rubber things. I have to say it is more comfortable and more slippery. The reason I took it off is the power cord wants to pop out with the rubber case on the phone. I may have to stop using the case.

Spain isn’t Greece. Spain is much larger. Spain is poised to fall off a cliff soon. If Europe survives saving Spain, they will then have to look at France. Remember France? The economy of France is in trouble. France is even bigger than Spain and Greece combined. If anything the EU needs France to be on the bailing end, not the being bailed end.

One of the audiocasts I frequent has a serial of The Handmade’s Tale. My God, that is a depressing story. They do a fantastic job of telling the story. Listening to the religious overtones of the story make me wonder if this might be what a religious autocracy feels like,

You should not be given important things. You should not be denied important things.

When people have problems with their email, they will call the helpdesk and say that their computer is broken.

I can’t think of a single person I knew in highschool I still know much less hang out with.


Complaining about screen recording

TitleComplaining about screen recording
DescriptionAh, me complaining again. What made me famous.


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How to edit screen shots in Ubuntu 12.04

TitleHow to edit screen shots in Ubuntu 12.04
DescriptionQuick video showing how I edit screen shots in Ubuntu 12.04.

Related vlog
* Coming soon

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I’ve been researching how to make easy, but good looking modified screenshots. The tools we have available are LibreOffice mostly. Adequate tools if a bit unpolished.

LibreOffice Draw is a fine editor. It is great for office work kind of graphics. Boxes, ovals and arrows all over the place works out great. Once you have your graphics all dolled up, exporting as a PNG for example is a nightmare. You have to set the page size to match the output. It is a nightmare. If you wait to the Write program to crop, it is about the same fight to crop the end product down for 8.5x11 or whatever your page size was set to.There is no freehand crop tool in LibreOffice that I can find. The best solution I’ve found is to simply use the rectangle screenshot tool to transfer from Draw to Write.

Windows 7Ubuntu Linux - Unity
run snip toolscreen shot tool
Paste in to DrawPaste in to Draw
Edit to heart’s contentEdit to heart’s content
run snip toolscreen shot tool
Select rectangular screen shotSelect rectangular screen shot (shift prt-scr)
copy to clipboard and paste in to documentcopy to clipboard and paste in to document

Music rights and math

It cracks me up that you how the rights for music let you have a live transmission of the music, but will not let you include the music on the audiocast thereafter. I listen to a show called Zero G about science fiction. One of the big things they do is play all the music from the shows they talk about. I have never listened live. I have no idea when it plays because it is in Australia. The music is all edited out in the audiocast, yet I listen. I need to  catch it live one of these days just to get the contrast.

I will use to fighoure out when to listen. One thing that cracks me up is how similar the two operations are in Windows 7 and Ubuntu Linux. It is bullet for bullet. They are 9 hours away from us tomorrow. The show plays at 13:00 on Monday, I do not know how daylight savings time affects this calculation. This means I must listen 21:00 or 22:00 Sunday evening to catch it. Let me know if my math is off. Tell you what. I’m going to check in at 20:00 and back again every hour until I catch the show. It may be a few weeks.

DAMN You RIAA! You are making me commit math.


Had another shot at videoing the space shuttle passing by my office today. Missed it because our web server was down and needed attention. Drag. Not many opportunities of this kind left. A friend of Nat’s went out and snapped some pictures of the 747 and shuttle on the ground. Came out nice. One of the guys at my office ran over to the parking garage and shot a bunch of pictures. I’m thinking of stringing them together in to a video for no good reason.

I listened to an audiocast where a couple scientists were trying to explain entanglement. The end result was basically that quantum entanglement still keeps very smart people up at night pulling at their hair. I want to know if anyone has hooked one of these situations up to a set of walkie talkies or texting pagers or a button and a light on each end and tested it all over the world? Why not? Is it classified?

I like well done interviews with fictional characters. I particularly like tongue in cheek skits. One of the audiocasts I listen to had a show that contained an interview with the Incredible Hulk. “Joss Whedon fart Febreze!” was one of the quotes from the big green guy.

“The most important demographic this year [in the presidential election] is race and ethnicity.” -NPR interview of some guy who does a bunch of those polls you hear about in the news. This makes me ill. I don’t care if it is true, it makes me want to be sick. I don’t have to like it. I do want to understand it. I do question it, because I don’t want to believe it.

It increases people’s happiness to move from a high poverty neighborhood to a low poverty neighborhood. Rates of obesity, and thus diabetes drop when people move. The social groups say it would be better to move families than give them money. -NPR.

“I Love Lucy” Still makes the parent company $20,000,000 a year. -NPR

That dinner where Romney said all that 47% stuff at was $50,000 a plate. -NPR Always consider your audience doesn’t work any more. You are always speaking to everyone. People have mobile phones with video cameras. One of the polls said something like 80% of people think they pay income tax. One of the fallacies that keeps showing back up over and over is that a tax cut is like giving money to the rich. Well, if you are broke, only people more rich than you pay taxes. I’m in the horrible position of being broke and I pay taxes.

I listen to too much NPR.

One of the Audiocasts I listen too is movie reviews from the UK. They constantly fight the idea of giving out spoilers. It is difficult to describe one movie based on other movies without giving out spoilers. They fight over whether six months or six years or even six decades is enough time to simply give up and deal out spoilers in order to better make people understand more recent symbolism and other creative symbolisms. I really like the comment today. “If you haven’t seen Sixth Sense, he is a girl!”



Fourteen employees of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the U.S. Justice Department face disciplinary action for their roles in the botched Fast and Furious weapons-tracking program, according to a report released today by department investigators.

No criminal charges are recommended, according to the report.

The program was designed to track kingpins responsible for illegal gunrunning to Mexico. It has been blamed for contributing to crimes -- including the high-profile slaying of a U.S. border patrol agent.

CNN Headline News email

I cannot believe this ends here. I refuse to believe this ends here. This shall go down in history as one of those colasal fuckup bad ideas. Thousands of guns supplied to drug traffickers. What is wrong with the government in charge of us? They are out of touch and don’t care.


For every kilo of plankton in the sea, there are 6 kilos of plastic. I’m ashamed to be human right now.

One of the vlogs I watched mentioned that he doesn’t have a blooper reel at the end of his videos any more because he stopped screwing up as much. My life feels like a blooper reel most of the time. The interesting bits do anyway. The rest of it is mostly snoring.

How do you tell a friend with benefits person that the benefits portion of the friendship has expired? These things happen.

Spent a bit of my day crawling around the ceiling. We ran some wires. It amazes me how difficult it is to predict how long a wire you are going to need to span across three rooms. I felt sick from all the dust that we kicked up. Should wear a mask when I’m poking around up there. I already wear a headlamp.

Shuttle Sighting Fail

TitleShuttle Sighting Fail
DescriptionSomeone spotted the 747 flying with the Space Shuttle on the back over Houston this morning. The first thing I did of course was grab my camera. I couldn’t see shit so I asked someone else to try to frame the shot. He of course tried to take a picture and killed the video. I failed to instruct him before handing him the camera. So this is a fail on my part.

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Time travel

I was working on a time machine when I showed up and warned myself not to travel back in time. The other me smashed the machine which of course made him vanish. A few seconds after he vanished the machine was mysteriously restored to working order, ready to go.

I reached for the button and I appeared again screaming something about how horrible time travel is and smashed the machine again.

After the third time, I started videoing what was going on, but the videos keep going blank. It appears that the time line attempts to fix itself once the provocateur time traveler stops paying attention to the immediate situation. This might make time travel more difficult than I originally planned.


What was I talking about? ... Oh, my new time machine.


It turns out Earth was originally a rock that was tagged in some database somewhere as a potential waystation for traveling from one place to another. In order to make the place a more fun stop, an intelligence decided to terraform this rock.

In the elapsing time, there was some mistake in the database, Perhaps it was the laziness on a ship operator's part that let the Earth be left alone for a bit too long. The atmosphere, water, land, life forms have overrun the rock. So much so that the rock is now unfit for purpose.

Now that sentient creatures have evolved on this waystation, Earth has been declared unusable due to endangered species. Despite the best efforts by alien transportation lobbyists to have humans declared large bacteria, this status has saved us from destruction more than once.

More on Google Drive/Docs

Another complaint about google docs (google drive) editor is the highlight color. It is sort of a faint blue on white. I have a very hard time seeing it. I can kind of make out, but have a difficult time figuring out if I have exactly the text selected that I want I have found nothing in the google help even close to helping me change the color.

There are all kinds of issues with this editor. The settings are consistent across the document and other editors.The system is still useful for me. However, if something better comes along I will have to take all this in to consideration. I wish there were some way to complain, but I haven’t found that web page either. I just need more contrast. That is apparently too much to ask.

The solution for this apparently is to use a different editor and store your files on Google Drive. That’s great, but this does not allow the whole idea of editing on multiple computer simultaneously as I like. I can leave the document open on several computers and edit or post as I wish without issues of conflicts from one to the other. Or, forgetting to copy the file to the Google Drive before I leave. This is one of those issues that was far more stressful than I thought.

That and page breaks still piss me off. I don’t need page breaks any more if I’m honest. Let them happen after I hit print. It drives me nuts when a page break inserts extra space in a paragraph of breaks a table apart. It makes me worry what will happen when I paste said items elsewhere. Nothing seems to happen, but worry every time.

YouTube hits

That thing above is my YouTube analytics since 2007-04-07 to present. Most of my hits are from a single video My big video. It is so popular it has been copied a couple times. This is why I’m planning on using copyright water makrs in the future.

Should I go with “Copyright Kelly Hawkins 2012” for example? What are the rules for saying a company has a copyright? Do I just need a Doing Business as (DBA) to say the company has a copyright?


Google Drive: You can change the name of a document open on multiple computers and it changes without trouble across the planet. Nice. The name is just another attribute on the node in the database. Glad it actually works.

I needed to change the file name above because i had given it the wrong name based on the date. While looking up the date to verify, I noticed the date is a week off on my laptop menu bar calendar, but correct on the command line. Frigging Linux. Thing is, I could not swear that the date in my head was correct. I still had to verify against my other computer and my phone to make sure.

Walked past the lunch room at about 9:35 this morning. It was hopping. There were fifteen people in there doing different things. Between coffee, cooking breakfast, washing dishes, grabbing a snack, researching on the net and a couple people like me just passing through, the place was a buzz of activity.

I’m listening to BBC Radio 4. At the moment there is some kind of mystery theater playing. I cannot get enough of this stuff. It is difficult to tell how old some of these recordings are. If they were made in the 1950s or earlier, the sound has a specific quality. If after, however, they all sound about the same. I don’t have time to look these things up each time. Every now and again, you can tell by context. It is fun to guess. I listen to this a lot at work. I get interrupted constantly. I wish I could just get all this in some kind of audiocast RSS kind of situation.


Doctor’s apt

TitleDoctor’s appointment
DescriptionReally just a trip to the doctor’s office.

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