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Talk about pod-fade. I walked in this morning and found three new audiocasts ready for me to listen to. There are some days I have 20. I need to add some new feeds, bit time. The trouble is most of my feeds are weekly. Some feeds are dropping non iTune feeds as well. That really upsets me. I don’t think they realize how many people rely on RSS to keep track.

My contacts just didn’t happen this morning. I’m wearing my glasses. It is funny how used to contacts I get. It is so nice having comfortable contacts. Glasses get on my nerves these days. Guess I’m just getting older and more cantankerous. (It looks like I spelled cantankerous correctly on the first try.).

The only thing I’ve learned over my life that really makes a difference, that makes me think I would have done different things, is that there will never be a financially correct time to have children. At no point will it ever make sense from the view of your wallet that “now is the time”.Still, as I sit here thinking about it, I’m glad I did not really figure this out until I’m past the age of it making much difference. I’ve heard the words fifteen times throughout my life. At some point recently, they started making sense. Ah, youth is wasted on the young.

Listening to BBC 4 radio. I have been all morning. I’m like a hundred or something.

Surface tension. Water molecules attract each other..Imagine being in the middle of water. You are attracted from all sides. At the surface you are attracted from all sides except up. Thus, the last place you want to go is up.

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