It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


Lunch conversation

Today was one of those days where many people had a hard time concentrating. You can tell by the conversations. It is the Friday before a three day weekend. We are lucky no one was riding a chair through the halls.

Lunc time
  • Long weekend coming up.
  • Chilly dogs
    • The line was long
    • Perfect for a Friday
  • Sports
    • Someone’s team lost
    • Someone mentioned fantasy sports, but we are out of season I think. Missed it.
  • Portuguese vs Spanish
  • The word for using a normal word as an insult.
  • My ear ringing for no reason.
  • Computers,laptops, and networks at work.
  • Low carb bread and the fact that it lasts longer.

Then came the after lunch break
  • Children’s names.
  • Superhero movies

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