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Apple vs Samsung

Samsung is a Korean company. It trips me out how many people don't know this. People assume it is Japanese or Chinese. Folks in Korea are not happy about the recent Apple vs Korea verdict. Some Korean folks think Apple would have lost if the same lawsuit were held in Korea. I say, well duh. The jury voted for the home team.

News has come out that the jury in the Apple Samsung case didn't read the jury instructions. The foreman came out and said "we wanted it to be sufficient to be painful." Which, does not follow intellectual property laws rules. This leaves the door open for appeal.
Some say that Samsung spent a billion dollars to become the number two mobile phone manufacturer of smart phones. That is cheap at the price. It turns out the iPhone has only recently been made available in South Korea. The iPhone and related devices are still not aloud in mainland China.
Someone asked if this sort of thing will be passed on to consumers. The expert basically said the only way Samsung gets money is from consumers so of course the cost will have to be passed on at some point or another. I like that.
Apple has asked that many Samsung phones be banned in the U. S.. It ain't over by any measure. Who is next on Apple's list of targets for this sort of treatment?

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