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Vlog 2012-07-31

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Title Vlog 2012-07-31 lost batteries
Lost battery.
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So much science fiction says that humans will either reject technology, become technology, or be dominated by technology. How about we just live and things work out? Well, that doesn't sell stories.

Found out that one of the color laser printers we have at work could be bought at Sam's for less than a set of color cartridges for a time. They are long out of manufacture. This is not a new story. I still wonder what happened to Wal-Mart getting in to the printer business. I suppose it is a fat monthly check from the likes of HP.


"People who can't juggle usually know they can't juggle. People who are not funny don't always know they are not funny." -Penn Jillette (from memory).

There is one kilometer range of the Olympics is a no non Olympic advertising zone. Truth and something that will get you in trouble if you complain about it. People are being fined and arrested for trying to make a buck off the Olympics without handing the profits over to the Olympics.

Twitter is pissing me off. They are kicking people off when NBC asks them to do so.

I like the idea of writing in the old fashioned way. You know, with a pen or pencil. I like the sound and feel of a graphite pencil as it glides down the side of a ruler. There is something primal and left brained about using a sharp wood pencil. It is left brained because I used to use pencil's exclusively in drawing and math. Thus, these two activities are connected. The smooth rolling of a ball pen reminds me of pain because I used this kind of implement for writing class and had to re right things because I suck at writing by hand. The feel of a felt tip pen reminds me of the Son of Sam. He used a blue felt tip to write his letters if memory serves.

A quarter of health care spending goes in to the last year of life. This according to some guy on NPR.



Video Video
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Title Mow
Just me mowing the back yard. Enjoy
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My stool is herr

Video Video
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Title Vlog 2012-07-28 My stool is here
It sounds much worse than it is.
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Global Carbon Regime : Heard this term used to describe one of the problems with Europe.

The U. S. can't do all the heavy lifting. France and Briton are cutting or freezing their military. They tried to start a fight in Libya a couple months ago and ran out of bullets on day three I think it was.

Turkey is making noises that they really don't want to be part of Europe. They would rather side with the Middle East in all of this.

People who live in countries where they have been ordered to make huge cuts in order to pay back loans to someone they have never met who they don't know, who doesn't care if they live or die as long as the payments keep coming are getting fed up with the idea. If all of them just told Europe to go jump in a lake, who would stop them from defaulting?

Russia is all about making a buck off Europe. Russia sells a huge amount of heating gas to European countries. Now that we have no nuclear plants being built and companies getting rid of nuclear plants they will depend on the Russian gas. The Russians can cut back on the supply and get more money. Germany can afford to pay the bill. They will not be left in the cold. The Russians will make a buck.

&lbquo;Will Spain get another financial band aid?&rbquo; Answer &lbquo;That is all they can do right now.&rbquo;

Europe is in a bad state. Will she fall apart? Will she pull it together? I'm not sure I care on a shallow level. I do care because of the instability that will come from a fall, but that is of course self interest.




What sound does a sheep make when it has a stick of dynamite up it's ass? ... "Sys-boom-bah!" Heard on The Penn Sunday School podcast. It was originally uttered on Johny Carson a millennia ago.


alpha, bravo, Charlie, delta, echo, foxtrot, golf, hotel, India, Juliette, kilo, lima, Mike, November, Oscar, papa, Quebec, Romeo, Sierra, tango, uniform, Victor, whisky, X-ray, Yankee, Zulu. I did need to look up the spelling of several words, but I got the sounds correct. I need to keep going until it is natural.

One of the podcasts I listen to is from Australia. It is funny listening to them talk about Spring in July.

Briton has blown 15 billion dollars on a party. Now that it is far too late to fix anything, the people who are walking off with fattened pockets are admitting that it was not an investment. Few who live in the place where the Olympics makes any money on them. I am still very glad that Houston lost the Olympic bid all those years ago. I was preying we would loose it. Houston is far too ugly for the Olympics.

Sunday evening I got about 3 hours of sleep. Monday I didn't feel that bad. As a matter of fact, I stayed up past 22:00 watching Warehouse 13. I caught a full night's sleep last night. (Monday night) Today, however, I'm sputtering. Is it psychosomatic? What is the deal? This is one of those questions I should send in to Dr Karl.

One of the other IT guys is a generous when ti comes to making networks jump through hoops. He was complaining at break today that it took him an hour to get a Vista 32 bit system talking to a printer. This kind of thing has happened to me. I don't feel so bad. That sort of thing has happened to me a couple times. I've even gripped about it on this blog.


Over the hill and though the woods


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TitleOver the hill and through the woods
To grandmother's house we go. Just a Sunday afternoon spent at my parents. We had one of the best meals of my life.
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X Minus One

X Minus One. Shanghaied (episode 17)

Notes for the video

  • 15 year journey
  • Swabbing decks
  • Mutiny on a space ship
  • Guns on a space ship
  • A man was trapped on board and could not identify himself because he did not have his wallet.
  • Can't transmit back to Earth.
  • The idea of an engine room and flight deck that cannot talk to each other.
  • Communicating from ship to ship with a flash mechanism
  • The reason the man is found is because of a signed check

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Title X Minus One - Shanghaied - episode review
OTR Old Time Radio is awesome. Check out the link. You will catch some familiar plot lines that later became Twilight Zone episodes and even catch some Simpson's references if you listen closely.
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Israel and Iran

Israeli Prime Mister Benjamin Netanyahu pointed the finger at Iran Wednesday after a deadly explosion on a bus carrying tourists at an airport in Bulgaria.
"All the signs (are) leading to Iran," he said, according to a statement from his office.
Netanyahu said his country "would respond with force to Iranian terror."
At least three people were killed in the explosion on a bus outside Burgas airport in Bulgaria. Bulgarian officials are still investigating the blast.
From CNN Headline news email

My only comment on this is "Aw shit!" I hope that is not my last comment on it.

Notes: (over a couple days)

The walk in to the bus stop was pretty easy this morning. The mosquitoes carried me part way.

Some of our laptop computers have multiple WIFI adapters. I don't consider them a separate adapter unless they have their own MAC.

Penn Frasier Gillette. Did you know Penn's (of Penn and Teller fame) middle name was Frasier?

I don't take vacations. When I'm sick, I do not usually check my email until I come back.

Every time I reboot my computer I have to restart my Linux virtual machine. I use VirtualBox. Every time I restart my linux VM, it seems like I have to reinstall the client software. That is because VirtualBox has had an update and the client and host software have to match perfectly. It is really annoying.

I walked around the parking garage at lunch today. I wanted to shoot a vlog entry. The trouble is, nothing came to mind. Well, nothing coherent anyway.

Everyone complained about the humidity this morning. I doubt many walked further than their car. I didn't really notice any higher humidity than normal. I walked my normal mile and a half or so. Guess there are some advantages to doing it every day.

Environmentalists are extremists. I do not like listening to them because they remind me too much of Jehovah Witnesses. I'm not the only one because I'm hearing whispers that the environmental movement is toning it down a bit and pushing sustainability instead of more radical life altering taxes and marching off to war against the nonbelievers.

What gun control laws that wouldn't have helped are going to come of this shooting in Colorado? Not every tragedy is worthy of more rules. Not every murderous individual needs to be immortalized in legislation.

the president came on and called the shootings in Colorado senseless. I suppose it is. He hasn't mentioned anything about all the killings in Chicago. I suppose those are necessary. Obama's buddy is running Chicago these days. Nice politician we have in charge of the country. Too bad we need a president.

I tried listening to KTRH online to get the news about the shootings. They played more advertisements than any other content. It was like sneaking a couple facts in between the commercials. No wonder I haven't listened to terrestrial radio in so long. There is not much point.

I hate to put it like this, but I don't do opening nights of movies. I don't like the crowd. It turns out, that may not be a bad thing.

We had about a week of rain. Couple stragglers since then. Today is the first day that I have not noticed a full thunderhead go by at work. We are still pretty far behind, even if you count back a couple years. We need rain, but the doubt was kind of nice for walking. The grass and weeds didn't try to tackle me every other step. The ground didn't try to dodge my foot when I stepped. Still preying for rain.


Quick look at my commute

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Title Part of my commute walking
This is the first part of my morning commute. It is hell being a pedestrian in Houston.
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Voter fraud rant

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Title Why we don't have compulsory voting in the U. S.
Yes, this is opinion. I am a conservative, tax payer and a life long cynic. Long may I rein.
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My weekend

TitleOf lawn care and sick of politics
Throw in the kid doing hula hoop and a bit of talk about street racing. It made a pretty relaxing weekend.

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This is a test

I’m trying out a new editor just for the hell of it. Please ignore this post. Not that anyone reads these things any more.

It looks like you can still not insert code in this editor. That is a drag because it would be handy to do so. Guess you can’t have anything. Or, in this case, a minor feature that would not be very difficult to make happen.
Green text
There may be a point where this editor will come in handy. I already use it for simple notes.
Link to somewhere.
Then again, it is not intended to be for real. This editor is only a placeholder for a huge corporation to say they have one in the cloud so they will have the option of chasing said ends in the future. This software cannot be regarded as competition to the existing office suites out there.

This editor is google docs. It is simply unusable for my needs. I intend to copy and paste this to my blog to find out if Google tools are compatible with one another

Cops probably hate this guy

I believe the Penn did this. I bet it is word for word. I have friends who are cops. I wonder how often this sort of thing happens.



There was a story on one of the podcasts I listen to where a brother took his sister as a second wife after the death of her husband. They said this was because she would die otherwise. The story didn't really suffer from it, but I did miss a couple lines of text after hearing this little bit roll by.

London is all a fit over the Olympics. They start there in two weeks. It is all about money. Every news story is about local businesses and jobs. I suppose if I listened to sports stations, I might hear more about, oh, you know, the games. The games sell themselves as a help for the economy of the area where they happen. I remember night mare stories about small businesses in Atlanta I think it was being driven out of the city by all the construction and replaced by chains that got tax breaks.

Atheist roaming around a parking lot, can't find a parking space. "God, if you find me a parking spot, I'll believe and be a follower." A Uhaul pulls out of the spot right in front of him. "Never mind God, I got it."

People trying to get reality shows should get frigging vlogs and have done with it.

I've met some pretty good people on airplanes. That must mean I'm the asshole.

Apple is catching shit over their green bullshit. Apple is a company that duchbags like. Duchebags also seem to be green. It turns out that once you start paying attention to things like reality, Apple products are not all that more green than any other piece of electronics. A few things like glued in batteries so you have to buy a new laptop instead of getting a new battery or a three year obsolete OS support so you have to buy a new laptop every three years kind of crap is finally biting Apple on the ass.


Finance and money

Barkley's was manipulating Libor. As a matter of fact, there was supposedly some sort of gentleman's agreement to let the Libor slide down and stay down in order to line the pockets of rich people. The public are not having it. Some banker in England was supposed to get some huge pile of money, well in the tens of millions of Pounds for a bonus even though the stock fell 70% on his watch. He turned down the money and walked off with two million pounds and people still wanted blood. Let's face it, two million Pounds is still a lot of money to most people. The guy should walk away in chains as far as many are concerned.

"How is the man in the street supposed to act when you tell them to knuckle under in order to pay off a bunch of rich bankers?" That from memory. It is a legitimate question.

Our current administration would love people to be pissed at the banker. The more pissed at bankers the average schmo is on the street, the less pissed they are at the administration. This is a simple distraction method. In this case however, I think the anger is well aimed. I hope the guy in question lives out a healthy life without physical retaliation, but I also hope he gets poor at some point. As stated in the movie Trading Places "Seems to me the best way to hurt rich people is to make them poor people."


There was an old story about an old musty was museum. A man was writing a story about sleeping in the museum. He would be paid 5 Pounds Sterling for his efforts. There was a day 5 Pounds meant something. Now it is about $8. I have to say that the description of the wax museum was far more frightening than being in one.

I wonder if I will ever buy another desktop in my life. I may buy a server for a specific need. From now on I picture myself buying laptops or tablets instead of desktops. Tablets have a ways to go yet.

Trying the contacts again. Put them in last night. Fantastic so far. Talk to me in two weeks. I have been using the glasses for like two months.

Second wet day in a row. I will never get used to being wet all day, even if it is only from the knees down. The leather boots I wore today di a much better job of keeping my feet more dry and drying out after they got wet.

I listened to a podcast today about the Higgs Particle. Some say the math points to a Higgs Field instead. Wikipedia has a better overview of the ideas and theories than anyone else. Scientists are fascinated by this whole effort, but the common folks just want to know 1) what the fuss is about. 2) Is this going to make it easier to slice bread? 3) Will it help gas prices? That kind of not sense about reality and every day living has no place in theoretical science.

Our HR person has been out of the office for over a week. When she came back and opened her door, she had to limb over a pile of paperwork that people had shoved under her door. She needs a mail drop hole in the door with a basket or something.

There are sites out there that have the business model of swiping ads off Craig's List and presenting them in a more user friendly or prettier web experience. Craig's List is of course blowing a gasket over the idea. The lawsuits are under way.

There is very little economic mobility in the U. S.. I believe it. People are not happy about it.

Some idiot came on complaining that people were not buying retail because there was too much choice. Dumb ass.

A woman, I cannot call her a mother, left her infant child on a motorway (busy street) somewhere in England I believe in the hopes he would be run over. A driver stopped and found the child before anything bad happened. It hurts listening to someone read this story and just moving on to the next story. I know they have a job to do, but I want to hear how the woman was captured and how she will be prosecuted. This is just not the story to leave at three lines between sports stories.

Lunch conversation consisted of, but was not limited to the following.

  • bathroom etiquette
  • Hazardous waist (not bathroom)
  • Inventory moving around the company
  • Mesh wifi networks
  • Left over bagels fro some meeting
  • The lunchroom being packed because it was raining


Toshiba Camileo wide angle lens mount

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Title Toshiba Camileo H30 wide angle lens mount (how to)
I'm not going to say this is a good how to, but it is a how to. I'm sure people will complain that I suck at it, but it is an attempt at a how to video. This is how I did it. So far so good.
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Kid's birthday party

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Title Anthony's birthday party
We party right along with the kids in Texas. I would like it noted for the record that there was no alcohol served to adults or any other beings at this party. Gobs of sugar.
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Title My weekend
Just some random crap from the weekend.
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Lunch conversation


  • Cherries
  • Bugs
    • There are bird eating spiders. Unfortunately, they do not capture birds in webs and gobble them down while they are writhing, but they are pretty dang big and scary looking none the less.
    • Someone in the group had roach eggs end up in their hair while shampooing.
    • &dq;Any bug that touches me dies.&dq; Several chimes of agreement after that statement.
  • Legacy tomatoes and their best season. OK, not &dq;legacy&dq;, it was another word.
  • Figs. There was a lot about figs.
    • Apparently, people like figs.
    • I worked the Fig Newton angle to no real laughter.
    • Birds eat figs off the trees.
  • Blood pressure related foods
    • My father's numbers mostly fell in line after retiring.
    • Studies that say women's life span is slowly approaching men's. Speculation says it is due to women entering the work force on mass.
    • Some kind of nuts are good for your blood pressure.

We ate in the lunch room today. Several of the guys have a thing going on where they each buy a week worth of food and take turns cooking, buying, and cleaning up. I do not participate because of my lack of reliability.

Notes (from a couple days)

So ready for a day off in the middle of the week. Independence day falls on Wednesday. That is kind of a funny thing. I'm probably going to be out late Wednesday evening. This means I'm going to be dragging ass Thursday.

Andy Griffith died. That kind of hits me. I really liked most of his work. He was that guy who acted instead of that actor. He plaid lots of good guys and a couple bad guys. He plaid cops, lawyers, and some kind of plantation operator or something. He is and will remain a fixture in old TV reruns of movies. He will be missed.

People are up in arms about bankers not going to jail for basically steeling billions in London. Well, they would be up in arms, but they are not aloud to carry table legs at night in England.

Tuesday evening I was waiting for Nat to pick me up from Target after work. I needed to get some plastic flatware for a friend's place. She moved and couldn't find the box with that contained said items. I was able to get on the wifi network from in front of Target. Just, but but it worked.

I listen to All Over the Shop. It is worth a listen. They are old style DJs. It reminds me a bit of those old shows that used to be on terrestrial .

The mouse I use at work is heavier than the mice I'm used to. It is bigger as well. It is just a normal mouse. The trend over the last several years has been to smaller mice, or so I've noticed. It came from Dell, but I'm sure it is a rebranded model. I'm forcing myself to fall in live with it because it has LEDs on the top and is highly keen.

I experimented with Some of the color schemes for VIM. GVIM and VIM share a configuration file. I could not settle on one color scheme that works for the command line and GUI version of VIM. The big issue is the spell checker. I like white text on a black background, but the spell checker uses a red line to identify words. This will not work for me on a black background. If I leave the defaults, GVIM comes up black on white and VIM command line version comes up white on black. I think that will work best.

I learned a bit about Linux certs today. They are miles easier than Windows.

I dropped a cherry pit on the floor in the hall. I had to ask for help finding it. See, there are times I ask for help.

Our president is a gambling man. He keeps making statements about betting on the American people and business and military and that kind of rot. The idea here is not to say he believes in them. He also wants to avoid saying anything that would make it sound like he is committing to making things better of following a plan of any kind. Because there is no plan except to get reelected.

Trying the Facebook and Twitter apps on my phone again. The interfaces have changed a bit on both. The Facebook application shows up in the program list as a generic name that doesn't tell you it is Facebook running. Bastards. I suppose that it to prevent people from killing it as often as I do. They really want to follow you around on the internet.

I haven't worn a wristwatch in a long time. I still catch myself looking at my freckles trying to tell what time it is. I use my phone as my primary now. The bands are just uncomfortable. Now I need a water resistant phone.

Someone was telling a rather animated story in the office next to mine. All I could hear was muffled exasperation and the occasional phrase like &dq;... pouring down rain&dq; and such. It was interesting. I listened for a minute because I knew who was telling the story and I have already heard many of their stories. I could not identify this one.

Lunch conversation today consisted of me walking past the lunch room and overhearing a conversation about LOST and the fact that you could get away with watching the first and last season without much of a LOSS.

Helped cut a hole in the wall and <gasp> use a face plate to run a wire today. Will wonders never cease? It was both fun and informative.


Why you have left and right handed scissors

Field Data
Title Why are there right and left handed scissors?
I've had two people, in my life ask me what the deal with left and right handed scissors is. Both, in the last week. Here it is.

* Wikipedia scissors 

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Why you should get insurance

This video is of a guy with a car restoring business in Dallas. His wife had a bicycle accident several months ago. They didn't have insurance. Now, this guys is killing himself to pay tens of thousands of dollars worth of medical bills. It has just about ruined him and his business.

If you do not have health insurance, look in to catastrophic care insurance. The one I looked in to several years ago had something like a $12,000 deductible. It was designed to cover disasters on otherwise healthy young people who didn't feel the need to pay for normal health insurance. I used to tell this kind of story to the guys at my old work. We had to buy our own insurance there. When I got a family, I changed jobs because I could not afford insurance where I was.

Crane lifting crane ... cool

Fascinating. Bit long for the show, but they wanted to sell the cranes so there is a bunch of not really interesting to civilians information. Jump to the end if you wish.

Removing a cork from the inside of a bottle

I tels you, this internet thing just might catch on if you can learn cool stuff like this.


Obama Care

Field Data
Title Obama Care - and unboxing some monitors
Just me complaining about the government and unboxing some monitors in time lapse.
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Risk is nuts. You cannot make it though life without taking risks. If you put too much on the line it will come back to bit you in the butt. If you try not to risk anything, you get nothing. Worse, someone will risk coming and taking what you have. Life is risk. A successful life is risk managed.

Yesterday I paid bills. The day before that I mowed the lawn. There are risks involved here. I might get my identity stolen if I do not take care while paying my bills. I might run over my foot with the lawn mower if I'm not sober and paying attention. I might get heat stroke or pass out from lack of blood to the brain doing either.

Anxiety is a risk. Too much bad stuff happens every day. A bunch of good stuff happens as well. Every five minutes someone is telling you not to sweat making the decision they want you to make. These people are selling you something. Always be aware of people telling you to calm down. What is their motive. Sometimes that nagging voice telling you to get the hell out of there is a good thing.

I cross the street. Not everyone does on a daily basis. People get in their cars and drive around. People are terrified of flying, but they are more likely to die in the car on the way to the airport.

People talk a lot about the risk bankers took before the financial crisis. Some say that the bankers took too much risk. Well, they won for so long that it didn't feel like a long shot any more. Huge Ponzi schemes succeeded until they failed. When people need their money to make ends meet, the money wasn't there for them to rely on. Banking, insurance, the stock market, I would say all of these are based on the same principle as the original Ponzi scheme. Get a bunch of people to pay in. Limit the number of people taking out. Rinse, repeat.

Acting is risk. Performing is risk. Let's face it, performing started out as taking a risk in front of an audience. "Watch this!" The potential of humiliating one's self is a risk. I wonder if all forms of payment are simply compensation for risk. I suppose all forms of employment could be drug kicking and clawing in to the risk category.


I like the damage list from the earthquake in Australia recently. Paraphrasing "Some stuff fell off some shelves and no one was really injured who probably wouldn't have been injured just walking around anyway."

Women write a lot of science fiction about having kids in post apocalyptic societies. Just something that hadn't been thinking about.

All my evil scientist powers will be invested in to manufacturing a good luck vest, followed shortly by a bad luck gun. That is all.

I really do not like saxophone music. I don't know why. It must have something to do with Clinton.

I listened to a fictional podcast about a war between the U. S. and China. I just don't think the U. S. could hold its own against China. Not in China. We just don't have the ability to throw enough metal at them in a short enough period of time to do much good. I'm not saying that China would kick our ass, I'm saying we would have a hell of a time beating them at anything resembling a ground war on their territory.


Not the gloating type

In that last little moment of desperation before succumbing to the inevitable reality our mark asked "Why?"

The gun spoke it's first and last line in our play. Our mark slumped to the ground as gone to this world as all the generations that came before him.

Our killer slipped the gun in his pocket and began walking from the room in such a way that someone who had seen the whole even would question their eyes as to what just happened. He violated one of his rules. He answered the question in a muttered whisper to no one. "I didn't ask."


People at work are figuring out that digital video looks better than analog. We are still one of those companies where you get equipment when you start and keep it until there is a business need for you to get upgraded. People are looking for reasons now. Not a bad thing. Some of these folks really should have been upgraded two years ago.

We need to come up with a term for news that is designed specifically to change people's opinions regarding politics. This sort of thing should be taxed or something. It is getting to the point that you can't even figure out what happened because they just sit there and blame someone for something that might not even a bad thing.

I need to watch a movie called Kaleidoscope.

Reporter swamped

I am a pedestrian, but I am also a human. I have to give this guy a thumbs up for taking it in stride and sticking with the story.

How to check for bad eggs

I learned something from this video. How many out there already knew this? Why didn't you inform me of it earlier?