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A good conversation

Conversation from a friend's post on Facebook. The picture that kicked it off is below (hopefully).

Kelly: The U. S. and Europe have both become an eliteocrocy. We have a ruling class of full time politicians. We need more plumbers and wait staff carving out the rules.

John: So how is it that neither of these principles seem to work here anymore?

Kelly: Europe constantly fought each other and knocked out actors who got to powerful until the EU. The U. S. was established by businessmen who wanted a market to work in that was rewarding. Now all is controlled by a group of people who are disconnected from whom they rule. There is nowhere on Earth left to run and no competing entity (China is not strong enough yet.) to threaten rulers in to doing their job. (My $0.02)

I made up the word "eliteocrocy". It is basically an oligarchy.

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