It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


Meet my clones

This is a really basic attempt at some special effects. nothing special.

Field Data
Title Clone test
Database This is just me messing with an editing technique that lets you clone yourself. This is the most basic I could make it.
Tags clone video edit kdenlive canon 940 Houston Texas
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Couple videos


You and your entire government deserve a Nobel prize in ripping off a country.


Lunch Conversation

  • Dogs
    • Hyper young dogs.
    • Lazy old dogs.
    • Dog parks (I've never been to a dog park)
  • Work
    • New highers
    • Old timers
    • What people expect vs what they get.
    • People changing places and leaving the company.
    • People are more likely to leave when they feel underutilized. That is why I left my previous company.
  • Vacations
  • Bonfires at different universities.
  • Pictures of Chris when he was fifteen.
  • Nintendo 3DS


Did you know that when you have a windows computer on a closed network that is not the member of a domain, it does not know where to get the time? I constantly forget this.

How do you know when you have pleased a red headed woman? She unties you.

"forcing first time buyers to save up money for a down payment" "forcing people to establish credit before qualifying for a loan" I love the rhetoric surrounding the financial market. These things sound to me like the most obvious bullets in toe world to me. It really sounds like this is the first many financial people have heard of them.

The SEC is going to look in to all hedge funds that beat the market by more than three percent. Thank you Berny Madoff. They have been unregulated for ever. Now, they will have to not only register, but submit to over site. Their secrets may be laid bare. Maybe some loopholes will be closed.


Too much fun

This guy has way too much fun with these videos. He cannot be Russian. I'm pretty sure he is in the States somewhere. He is just nuts is all.


A couple of thoughts for today. Not sure where this was headed. I want to expand on it, but nothing is coming.

Does everybody dream of the stage and applause?
The drums pound, the guitar screams.
Maybe acting is your thing.
Am I the only one who dreams this?

What does the homeless guy dream about?
What do rock stars want for Christmas?
Does every normal shlub like me dream of making it big?
Is anyone happy, truly happy with their station?

Fame is fine, give me the money.
Fame gets people in trouble more than money.
Money can solve only the basic issues.
But, it is better than being famus and broke.


It came up in conversation about how long our workstations run without a reboot. I looked and my workstation has been up 85 days. I had no idea. This means I rebooted it the day we started this year (Jan. 3) and have been going ever since. I don't remember why I rebooted it. This is by no means a record. I do enjoy running across this kind of information randomly.

I remember one of the versions of Windows had a bug right out of the box that crashed the computer after 47 days or something like that. Some counter was counting seconds and blew a gasket at 47 days. All the machine had to do was be up for that long. This is poor testing.

>$ uptime
13:52:57 up 85 days,  5:32,  7 users,  load average: 0.35, 0.23, 0.25
From and including: Monday, January 3, 2011
To, but not including : Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It is 85 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date

Or 2 months, 26 days excluding the end date
Alternative time units 85 days can be converted to one of these units:
    * 7,344,000 seconds
    * 122,400 minutes
    * 2040 hours
    * 12 weeks (rounded down)


What is wrong with me? I have forgotten my thumb drive again. I put it in the computer at home. I synchronized my podcasts to it. I then shut the computer down and left it in the USB plug. I do this far too often. It isn't like I'm using one of the USB plugs on the back of the computer. How can I make myself remember to grab the frigging thing as I stand up? I can't tie it to myself because I'll pull the whole computer off the table. I do this at least once a week. I've tried to get myself to perform a pocket check on my way out the door. Now I'll have to listen to music all day. BAH!

You know, this leads me to a million dollar idea. I need a double device. One bit you leave stapled to part of your backpack. There USB key drive has the corresponding ping device. If the two devices get more than some preset distance apart, they both raise hell and make themselves heard. Bet it would sell to the older generations like myself.

There has got to be a device like this out there. ... searching ...

  • Key-clapper door-hickeys. No.
  • Software that will gripe if you log out and still have your key plugged in. No.
  • Software that alerts if the USB is unplugged. No.
  • Software that bricks you USB if someone tries to hack it. No.
  • Proximity locking mechanisms, like the ones in all the new cars. Closest thing yet, but no.

Looks like it is up to me. That is a damn shame. I'm far too lazy to be left to this sort of task. The world cannot wait on me for this important device. Surely it or something that would work exists already. I'm hitting the question with the best search criteria.


We had a team building breakfast this morning at work. I am really the only IT person so I play nice with the software department. That is fine. Bunch of cool folks in the software department. I didn't run in to anyone when I walked by. I grabbed a kolochy and some French Vanilla coffee creamer. Nom nom.

Supposed to get chilly tomorrow. Just took the jacket out of my bag for the Summer. Figures.

First offroad vid in a while

All together now. "When in doubt. Backup and floor it!"



I had to pay $2 to ride the bus this norming. I didn't have any quarters. They don't make change. I think this should be illegal myself. I don't know how they get away with it. They don't give receipts either. Probably because they know some of the transactions are illegal. My Q-Card expired and it is going to take a couple weeks to get things back up and running. Every time I go through this, I worry about loosing the card. I am worried about it again this year.

I'm hearing bad things about "Sucker Punch". I haven't even seen the trailer.

It is $1.25 for a bus ride at the moment. Two trips a day makes it $2.50. Five days a week makes it $12.50 a week. Fifty two weeks a year makes it $650 a year. That ain't hey. That is a bit more than pocket change. it is still cheaper than driving a car.

Pile this on top of the fact that I pretty much hate riding the bus and you get a picture of what I think of paying for the privilege. I'm not alone in this. Buses are a Mosaic of humanity. Any time you have an equalizer of people who cannot afford to be above equality, you get bad things happening. There are a couple good people. There are many normal people. There are too many assholes. There are too many people who smell. There were too many people who think they own the frigging bus. There are too many people who forget they are humans. There are too many babies. There are too many angry people. There are too many idiots who do not understand how to act in public.

Text messaging

Something that really ticks me off, I had to reboot my phone today to send a text message. I had a couple conversations via text messaging this morning. Then, suddenly, it won't send a message. I suppose it was not receiving messages either. This is beyond annoying. This is just plane wrong. Work or don't work. Is it the phone or the network? I suppose rebooting your phone causes a new network node to join the network. If it had stropped you before, it might pick you up and drop someone else.

What gets me is the ease of text messaging. The network sends a packet to every phone on the network every so often. The phones respond back. This is a carrier signal that is needed for all real communications. This is also the signal that text messages are carried on. If this signal goes down, the entire network is at risk of just plane failing.

I am not the kind of person who believes in conspiracy theories (stop laughing!). Is this being done on purpose in order to force more people to use more expensive methods of communicating? I bet every single phone executive would give their right arm to go back in time and prevent the first phone company that did it to provide text messaging. "Are you nuts!?" It takes five minutes to say one line of text. Young people will end up preferring text messaging because they hate talking to people.

I prefer text messaging over talking to people. I have poor social skills. I blame too much TV and computers as a kid. Wait, did I say that out loud? It is too late now, so don't get any ideas.


I had to pay $2 to ride the bus this norming. I didn't have any quarters. They don't make change. I think this should be illegal myself. I don't know how they get away with it. They don't give receipts either. Probably because they know some of the transactions are illegal. My Q-Card expired and it is going to take a couple weeks to get things back up and running. Every time I go through this, I worry about loosing the card. I am worried about it again this year.

I'm hearing bad things about "Sucker Punch". I haven't even seen the trailer.

There is a measurement of radiation levels that is based on bananas. It is called a BED. Bananas gather potassium. Potassium is radio active. Potatoes do roughly the same thing, but not so much.

We have a new shredder on the way to the house. I figured $33 is worth it for a bit of piece of mind. I put the order in Saturday. I walk in Monday and we have new "shred boxes" all over the place. Toss the paperwork in you want shredded and don't worry about it. Glad I already ordered the shredder for the house. I might have gotten cheap on myself and just brought stuff up to work to dispose of.

Scientists can grow sperm in a dish. Not only will the robots conquer us, they will be able to grow as many human slaves as may amuse them.



Field Data
Title Trip to the park
Description We took off this pretty afternoon to the park. It was fun.
Tags George Bush park family fun hike lake trales Houston Texas Canon Powershot 940IS
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Testing the Weather dot com code.

This is post 6000 by the way.


Couple of vids

The only place to be is the hell out of the way.

One of the more scary videos. They keep retreating up the staircase until there is no more staircase.


That's not a pot hole. That is a grave.


Linux on a PPC Mac

For the first time today I attempted to install Linux on a PPC Mac. We have a development reason to want a PPC Mac with Linux on it. I learned quite a bit. Some useful, some just annoying.

  • To eject a CD on a Mac with a PC keyboard attached, hold down the f-12 button.
  • To Boot a Mac off CD, hit the 'c' key at boot.
  • Fedora 12, the latest PPC Fedora, kept downloading as corrupted. Switched to Ubuntu.
  • Ubuntu boots, but no video. dammit!

At 15:00 I got a not that a new user is coming on Monday. Normally, I get a couple weeks notice. Found out at 16:00 or so that I didn't need a desktop, only a laptop. That made things much easier. Then someone calls me wanting a release at 16:30. [expletive deleted]!!!! I'm not pulling this shit. Give me a little warning. From now on, they call me after 15:00 on a release, it better be a customer breathing down their neck. It is even worse on Fridays because that is when people dump shit on the IT guy. I've already met my 40 hours, most likely yesterday.


So, Obama just did exactly the same thing in Libya that Bush did in Iraq. Something about the legislative branch consulting congress before starting a war. Details, details. I guess cruse missiles don't count.

Most of the software department wen to Firehouse Subs today for lunch. It was a convoy. I shouldn't have gone. It was fun and all,l but I'm trying to save money.


Why do fishermen use polarized sunglasses?

Field Data
Title Why do fishermen use polarized sunglasses
Description Because they can.
Tags water glare reflection polarized sunglasses Canon PowerShot 940IS Houston Texas
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Slow line speed

I needed to do the math today, so here it is. If you only have a line speed of 128 k/s it would take two hours and sixteen and one half minutes to pass one gigabyte through your connection in the best of all situations.

Kilobytes in a gigabyte (1024^2) = 1048576.

Number of seconds to download the 1 gigabyte file (1048576/128) = 8192

Number of minutes (8192/60) = 136.53

Simple enough. In reality, the line speed is more like 85 k/s.

Lunch conversation

I came in late because I was planning on taking a sick day. The other IT guy was also out so I came in. I felt like garbage all day. I was able to function though. Nat came up for lunch. It was nice.

  • Movies
    • Who did and didn't have a crush on Molly Reinwald.
    • Rat Pack vs Brat Pack. The generational differences.
    • Which of the Brat Pack are still working.
  • Alvera plants that we are trying to salvage.
  • Good wine vs bad wine and price.
  • Metro Lift paperwork, doctors appointments and logistics.

As far as the afternoon break went, I sat in my office and finished my sandwich. I was far too brain dead to hold down a conversation by this point. I really only came in to work today to cover any disasters that popped up. I was a wreck by the end of the day.


I wasn't feeling well this morning. I nearly didn't make it in to work at all. On the way in, we saw a Google camera vehicle. We waved. I hear they hate that. Thought about taking a picture just for giggles, but the opportunity didn't present itself.

I'm going to form an exploratory comity to pursue an independent attempt to win the presidency of the United States of America. ... You know, that sounds like a lot of work I don't have any experience in governing or foreign relations. Perhaps I should reconsider my attempt and save my money.

"If you have seen the trailer, you have seen the film." I hate it when this statement is true. Trailers should entice, tease.

Peace is worth defending.

400 reactors in 30 countries 200,000 tons of radioactive waist. 10000 tons added every year. WW II binoculars with yellow tinted lenses contained uranium as a lens coating. -Dr Karl.


Lunch conversation

I yelled at the pidgins today. This means I walked around on the top of the parking garage talking to myself. I don't remember what I talked about. It is funny how little I remember of talking to myself. I believe that this means it is not real conversation. It is more mental exorcise.

Break conversation

  • Ruby on rails vs Java vs Flash vs Unity vs every other online programming language.
  • Standardized video generation. You provide the text and the video is generated.
  • Video games.
  • How much Jake likes to argue ridiculous points.


I stripped off some skin on the side of my middle finger on my left hand while trying to get the weed whacker started this past weekend. Once Bill gt it running, by the way, it starts right up now. Thanks again Bill. Anyway, my finger has this little scrape on it. It hits everything. Washing my hand requires cold water.

I've been putting a knuckle bandage on the wound. They seem to work fine as long as the little straps fit all the way round my finger and over lap. If not, the bandage comes right off. This morning I tried to use a knuckle bandage from work. They are the same ones we have at home. I couldn't get it to stick. It took me a minute to figure out that the liner, the backing that protects the sticky part of the bandage, came apart on one of the strips. By the time I got it off, the sticky was ruined and the little leg opposite was folded up on itself.

I didn't even bother with the bandage until I was bleeding. Now, my left hand has a spreading glob of first aid jell and blood and my right hand is covered in bandaid sticky. Can you say Band Aid fail boys and girls?

Damn cheap plastic Chinese pull handle! I blame international trade and unions for this.

AT&T is buying T-Mobile

I've griped about this already. I am pissed that T-Mobile, the carrier that I use, is being snapped up by AT&T. Thank goodness our contract is up soon. I intended on going month to month regardless. I've been looking at the new offerings from Virgin Mobile. They are cheap, but I hear the service is mediocre.

Someone asked if this purchase means T-Mobile users will get to iPhone. If it is anything like the last couple mergers involving AT&T and other companies that became AT&T. It might not go through, but they would be holding pres conferences if they were worried about it. Dates are after the dotted line is signed.

  • There will be no T-Mobile in a year or a year and a half.
  • All contracts current with T-Mobile will not be honored past some date.
  • T-Mobile customer service will vanish in nine or ten months. At first you will have long waits. Then you will be directed to some AT&T Wireless number.
  • T-Mobile coverage will get very spotty at about the same time AT&T's network seems to improve a bit.

The idea is to get the heck away from T-Mobile before the end arrives. Start looking for your next carrier. I've been running from AT&T since they were Houston Cellular. It pisses me off that they are charging for every little bit of data. They pissed me off years ago with their "Pay off your entire contract if you want to break it." practice that it took legislation to stop. I have DSL through AT&T and hate it. They are the only game in my town at the moment. The minute I find some competition, I'm bailing on that too.

Nat wants to keep her phone number. I've heard this is not very difficult. If it is easy and free, I wouldn't mind keeping mine just to elevate the need to change it everywhere. I'm going to have to learn how to do this. I really hope it is just a tick on the form.


It is getting close to cherry blossom time in Japan. Understandably, the tourist industry is off a bit. It is beautiful. The reporter found one other couple who were just being tourists. Normally this time of year the place is packed. Those little shops that have trinkets have lost 98% of their business. They are switching to Japanese stuff.

I wonder who runs this country. Do presidents get in to office to find that they are just a patsy? Is it one family who pulls the strings of the world? Who is the puppet master toying with our lives?

We have this time clock thing at work that is basically designed to tell us when people will come back off vacation and things like this. One issue I have is most people put the end time as the end of their time off from work. I think of it as the moment I will be back at work. Someone else would put 17:00 the last day of their vacation. I would put 07:30 the day I'm coming back. I don't think there is a rule about it. It just shows a different way of thinking.


Lunch conversation

One of my buddies called the contents of this blog at lunch. We went to a sushi place. I had chicken.

  • Video games
  • Work
  • Friend Network debt, that is, an app that allows friends to owe each other money and keeps track of who owes who, who the deadbeats are and when things are finally balanced out.

Afternoon break conversation

The conversation at tea time was better than lunch in my book.

  • What harmonica should I get?
  • Video games
  • One guy standing too close to the other too often.
  • Music
    • Hair mettle vs every other kind of metal
    • Who has a band that's looking for a singer.
    • "No Abba on my bus!"
  • The tea master's pets


The yen is taking a hit on financial markets. It is understandable. Japan has trouble meeting obligations on a country wide scale. Instead of taking advantage, most countries and companies are being quite flexible. I suppose no one is interested in Japan taking any more of a hit. The whole world has skin in the game in Japan. They actually make things and many people all over the world use those things, unlike the U. S.. If something like this happened in the U.S. I fear that the rest of the world might realize the we don't really do that much and they can get along without our interference just fine.

It turns out that Ubuntu has a commercial repo that contains things like UltraEdit and Skype. This keeps even those packages up to date. How cool is this?

Someone is working on a mini pump that people can swallow. It will sit in the gut and pump out medication until it simply dissolves and goes away. This might work very well for people who have things like Tuberculosis and such where they must complete a six month treatment and continue taking the drugs even after they start feeling much better. I suppose you may have to take six horse pills in one day. They would all dissolve or pump at different times. The treatment would complete on its own.


Lunch conversation

CC was there. She is a friend of mine little girl. I didn't catch the story, but it was kind of cool having her along telling those jokes that can only be told by a four year old. The slurs and slanders were whispered today. We are a bunch of white males who are white males after all. We are inherently prejudice and evil.

  • Video games
  • Football
    • Lockout
    • Is it time to strip big sports of monopoly protection?
    • A bunch of games that were fun to watch
  • Basketball
    • Possible lockout
    • Some of the guys watch and some don't
  • Baseball
    • So many people either love or hat baseball.
  • Sales taxes in Texas
  • Why my head is so shiny. That was a CC question.
  • Alaska
    • Dogs are lousy at walking on snow.
    • No taxes in Alaska.
    • Alaska pays citizens to stay to a point.
    • Alaska is cheap.
  • How incredibly bright it was as we all walked out of the restaurant. Very glad I had my sunglasses with me.

Break time conversation. I wasn't even there ten minutes.

  • Music. I missed most of it. I'm not much of a music guy. The guys I was near were having a great conversation. I learned quite a bit.
  • calendars
    • Google calendar lacks repeating days of the month with an offset.
    • We all have multiple calendars. I thought I was the only one.
  • technology
    • Storing music and other media with metadata.
    • A video camera that has a tag system. You leave it on, video the whole day and go back though the tags later. The one I saw was designed as a helmet cam for motorcycle riders.

You can't cover every base

The idea is that if you buy a URL, you are just supposed to get all the other domains that say my domain-sucks.* or something. There are just too many. Even a big company just can't cover all the bases. Domains are not cheap.

Each one has an ever growing

  • mydomain-sucks.*
  • mydomain_sucks.*
  • mydomainsucks.*
  • mydomain-blows.*
  • mydomain_blows.*
  • mydomainblows.*
  • mydomainisevil.*
  • mydomain-is-evil.*
  • mydomain_is_evil.*
  • mydomain-is-stupid.*
  • mydomainbecranky.*
  • mydomainisjunk.*
  • mydoaminiscrap.*

You get the idea. This makes me think of chaos theory.


1.2 million people are killed world wide because of automobile.

Hooked up a $1500 printer this morning. It burns and prints disks. It came with a standard power cord and even the prongs of the power cord had a plastic thing over them to keep them straight.

The New York Times spent $40,000,000 to implement their web site. People get 20 views free per month. I don't know if it is within 30 days or if it resets on the first of the month. Every device costs extra. How did this cost $40,000,000 dollars? They already started it in Canada. People are just laughing. it has been called the worst business model ever.

Japan; I don't know how many dead. Many homeless. 2 million without electricity. 1.5 million without water. The Japanese are having a rough time of it. When you hear people in Japan speak of what has happened, they smile and talk about helping each other. What amazing people.

I have the word "sidegrade" in my spelling dictionary on most of my editors.


I suck at this stuff

Field Data
Title Trimmer assembly and start
Description I'm just plane not good at this handy man stuff. It took to the next day and one of those old timers to come by and help me with a light splotch of WD-40 to get it started. Once we got that far, things started looking much better. Thanks Bill.
Tags lawn weedeater trimmer assembly start Flip Mino HD canon 940 Houston Texas
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You kill my citizens, I'll kill yours

The New York Times reports that Bahrain’s neighbors have sent in troops to help quell disturbances there. The troubles of the Middle East continue apace, proving once again that bad news in one part of the world doesn’t prevent it from proceeding in another.
The the Saudis were there to do something. Whether they will succeed or not is still unclear. The markets reacted to the news by pushing oil prices up. “Crude oil futures edged higher in New York to end four days of declines on speculation unrest in the Middle East may escalate after Saudi Arabia sent its troops into Bahrain.”

This is more of one country sending troupes to another country to stop rebellion. This kind of thing will happen every day because foreign troupes are more likely to drop a hammer on local citizens than local troupes. It just works. Remember this when you find Russian or European troupes on American soil dressed like riot cops.


UK domains

Why is it so difficult for a U. S. company to accept an established *.UK domain names. I did some research and found that it is a bigendian/smallendian issue. That is, it is a conflicting standards issue. Using the term bigendian and smallendian also implies that it is a needless disagreement that provides no difference to the end result. There is no winner in the difference of use. There is only a difference for difference sake.

This kind of thing happens all the time. I think of the military when these things pop up. Every time you hear something like "Hurry up and wait." come at you, it is most likely because of one of these issues. It could work so much better. It could be streamlined. It won't be. It kind of works well enough that no one is being held responsible at the moment so the status quot stands.

The computer world is particularly subject to these clashes of opinion. One company will solve a problem. The next company comes along and says something like "Why pay them when we can solve the problem?" It isn't just companies, but open source projects do the same thing. Once decisions have been made, it is difficult to turn the bolder rolling down the hill. Just because one way seems better it may screw something else up. Open source projects are subject to the whims and bias of zealots with an agenda.

Foreign troupes

If you hear the words "foreign troupes" you should feel a tingle go up your spine. Any time a government uses foreign troupes on their own soil it is to kill their own people. It has become commonplace for countries in the middle east to have a standing army in another country. They live, work, and fight for that other country. Many times, the fight is against the people of the second country.

If you are a poorly paid and poorly treated member of an army and you are dropped in a foreign country that you didn't really like in the first place, you will be far more willing to drop a hammer on civilians than if you are a couple blocks away from the neighborhood where you grew up. This fact has been used for ever. I remember a movie where a king of England wanted French troupes to suppress a rebellion from some duke or whatever. This story may have been Robin Hood for all I remember.

Qaddafi used many foreign troupes in this most recent rebellion. Many were from African nations to the south. Many did not speak the local language. I suppose if your job is to kill the locals and stop a rebellion not knowing the language might be a plus. Someone screaming that their child is in trouble would roll off you like water off a duck's back.

At some point recently, during war games on U. S. soil, foreign agents of law enforcement and possibly military have been spotted. It goes down as one agency learning from another. Someone said the word "adviser" when referring to the foreigner troupes on U. S. soil. I really hope that is all it was.


I heard someone use the term "melt down" the other day. They were referring to a car I think. Anyway, it sounded very out of place with the issues going on in Japan. I believe it hit them right after they said it. The term has entered the lexicon of exaggeration. When there is a real catastrophe in progress, it sticks out a bit too much. I will personally refrain from using it for a while. Now that I've heard it in use, it is just too distracting.

Cowboy Ninga Viking. Yup.



I very much enjoyed putting this one together. I'm getting back to doing videos I want to do. I'm not too picky about hits any more. It is not like I'm making money off these things.

Field Data
Title Dropped and caught camera
Description This is me playing around with transistors again.
Tags drop dropped camera transition edit editing video trick shot canon 940 Houston Texas
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My coworkers and I complained at length this afternoon that AT&T will start capping their Uvers and DSL offerings. The caps are not nearly as important as the limitations themselves. Today it is one number. Next week it will be a much lower number. Eventually, it will be zero. You will pay for everything you download instead of paying for access to the network.. Fine. I want to pay zero for my hook up and only pay for what I use. I want competition among offerings. I want to split my bill so based on what I download, I can get the best price.

One guy was animate that he would switch from AT&T to some other provider. That is nice, but the entire industry is going that way. They have found a way to get more money and that is all there is to it.

This depresses me. When this kicks in, I will change my behavior. I do not have cable. I do not have the ability to buy movies or TV shows. I will simply stop downloading and stop watching. That is the only choice left to me. I cannot afford the additional cost.

The internet companies act like people will just hand over money by the bucket regardless of what they get in return. This is not the case. There is not an endless amount of money. I have to choose between which bills get paid every month. I will simply not download as much until that is not an option any more and then I will find some other way to get the minimum I need to do on the internet, like pay bills, done somewhere else. This is where it will go. I'm also quite sure I'm not the only one in this dilema.

There is no more money.

Dead equipment policy

Someone stopped me in the hall and asked me what was our dead cable policy. I told him to toss the cable. Now, there is a process in my mind on what to do with dead equipment. I believe this is the policy in bullet form.

  • Do not leave broken equipment lying around. This is the most important rule. Productivity can be lost multiple times over for one $0.35 dead connector that people simply refuse to toss. This can kill not only work hours, but other equipment. Make sure the broken equipment is not reused without knowledge of its state.
  • Will it be missed?
    • Does it need to be replaced directly? (one to one and right now)
    • What do we need to do differently to prevent the break in the future?
    • Don't leave equipment idle for the lack of a single pice.
    • Make sure any spares are replaced. Don't just take the last of anything without telling the correct person.

Don't leave it lying around, but don't just throw something away. Follow up on it. I suppose my policy is "Think!" That never works.

NPR blows

NPR had a story about the CEO bailing on the organization. He left after a reporter, under the guise of a large potential downer from an organization for the betterment of Muslims, gave him the opportunity to make a fool of himself. NPR called it a trick, trap, everything except unacceptable behavior from their CEO. They attacked the reporters. They attacked the tactics. They didn't mention the downer side of thing very much. What I want to know is how hard the actors, or reporters had to pull to get the output from the CEO.

The title of this entry is not nearly expressive enough. I wish I could say that I like NPR. I listen to NPR. I help pay for NPR, even though I have never donated. Every time I hear them ask for money, I say to the radio that I gave at the office, meaning that I pay taxes, thus, I pay them already.

In my humble opinion, I think NPR has a liberal bias. I believe they fashion their stories to reflect their opinions and disguise it as simple fact. I believe that an infuse of conservative reporters and editors would help very little. I believe it will take a new media to answer the call. No longer will large organized entities be able to silence, by way of overwhelming exposure, the single opposing voice.

That or it is the same old same old and we are all out of luck.

Writer rules of thumb

I heard these this morning on the Writer's Almanack. I haven't given up on writing anything in my life. I haven't given up on the harmonica. I haven't given up on science. I haven't given up on religion. These are some tools to allow one to make content that grabs people.

  • Constructing scenes
  • Dialog and lots of it
  • Social status details how one talks to superiors and inferiors, dress
  • Point of view, putting the reader in the head of someone other than the writer

Of all things in this world that I want to do, I want to write something. Not just one thing. I want to write a lot of things. It is too bad that I stink at it. The purpose behind this blog is to scratch that itch. It has not done its job lately. I haven't been putting anything up that is creative. I'm a bit ashamed of that.

The task should be fun It should seem like relaxing to write something fictional. It feels like work. If it doesn't seem like fun, than it should feel like the right thing to do. Or, perhaps, it should feel like feeding an addiction.


Didn't ware my contacts today. My right eye is throwing a fit. This is normal contact happenings. Hope a day or two off will fix the issue. I should get new contacts in the mail later this week. I'm pretty sure it all stems from not having worn contacts in a while. I have glasses in my pack, but I'm not warring them. Today is a low vision day. Things are blurry. I catch myself squinting. Can't wait to get the contacts back on.

People complain about the price of beer at events. Someone is saying a beer at a concert was $8. In the store it is like $2.50 for the same beer, or there abouts. I say, don't buy the frigging beer. I don't need a beer to enjoy a concert. So, I'm a bad example.

Someone in one of the podcasts I listen too mentioned "Sanford and Son". Wow. That show hasn't crossed my mind in years.

Radiation from Japan is making it's way to the U. S.. Because of the way the air currents work, Oklahoma may get the lion's share of fallout. How messed up is this fact?

The News from Lake Woebegone is about the only news podcast that I don't learn anything from. I do insist on listening to it every week regardless of content.

Wore a green shirt today for St. Patrick's day. That day is tomorrow. Dang it!

What happened with the GMail debacle last week? A bunch of people lost everything stored in their Google account. What a nightmare. I would have been lost. I have implemented a backup system of my own since this issue came up.

Something I like about UltraEdit that doesn't seem like something important, but it turns out I really like is that you can scroll the window well past the bottom line of a text file. This allows the appending of information with the majority of the window showing simply blank screen. This turns out to be great for making me want to append information. It is a qualitative/emotional rather than a quantitative thing. It is one of those things that sounds stupid, but makes a real difference. It seems that many linux based editors do not allow this functionality. Adding a bunch of blank lines to the end of a file is just wasteful.

The same guy who invented aspirin, invented heroin one week later.


Drag ass

When I was at work today, heck when I was on the way to work, I was thinking about making a box opening video of me setting up the weed eater and posting in on YouTube. If you put anything in the form of a box opening, you get hits for no good reason. There is some kind of fetish that people have for viewing someone else opening a box with something new in it. I don't understand it myself.

Then I got off work.It was a hard day. It was one of those days I had to work with the big boss. Then, I got yelled at for doing what the big boss told me to by my other boss. Then the sun blew up and we all froze after starving for a week. Oh, that's next week.

When I was a kid, I wanted to play with my dad after he got home from work. Oh, God! I wish I could bring myself to get up and do something cool after work. Even my weekends are just me wishing I could collapse and sleep the rest of my life away. If only I were that guy who does stuff and makes things happen even in his off time after doing a bunch of other stuff all day every day.

There is so much more to life than working. Why can't I get some of that other stuff done? Why can't I be free and be happy? Why couldn't I have been borne rich instead of just good looking?


I'm fed up with Nedit and all the other editors on linux that I use on a daily basis. I'm giving UltraEdit a try. It is a Windows editor that now has a linux version. The only real claim to fame it has is that it is a windows editor that works in linux. I can't tell you how many people complain about linux editors on linux all over the internet.

There is an editor war ongoing in the linux world over editors. The old standbys are Emacs and VIM. If you have used these editors, you have my condolences. Personally, I think they are both lacking. Not in features, they have tons of features. They need an interface that humans can use.

You would think that a text editor would not be that important. It is just rearranging characters. People get very touchy about their editors. I believe it stems from being forced to use one over the other by edicts or defaults.

It is important to have an editor on linux that allows you to edit in a situation where there is no graphical interface available. VI fills this niche in most of the cases where I need it. I only know enough about VI to get the most basic editing done. Things like insert text, remove lines, search and replace come to mind. I don't think I can get much more than that done in VI. Emacs is far more graphic in nature. It allows some pretty cool stuff like text to speech and macros that rival programming languages themselves. I've never learned any of it. 90% of what I need is what I can currently get done in just about any text editor.

The spell checker is important. It has to work. Being able to block indent retroactively is important. VI can do these things, but I cannot figure out how to get it done in VI for the life of me. I'm sure Emacs does too. Gedit doesn't do block moves as far as I can tell, but it might have some add-on for it.

There is no perfect editor.


The early shuttle flights had about a 1 in 10 chance of catastrophic failure. This means NASA had about a 6% chance of maligning it all the way to the Challenger disaster before such an occurrence happened.

Mark Levin described the 6 billion dollars of cuts in the Democrat plan as "paperclip money". He is right, but I believe the 60 billion of cuts in the Republican plan is about the same level of bullshit. How scary is that? Add a zero to the number and it is still bullshit.

Gilbert Godfree got fired from the Aflak duck voice because of some Japan quake jokes he Tweeted..



Yet one more time lapse of a storm. Music from

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Title Storm
Description Yet one more time lapse of a storm. Music from
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Lunch Conversation

Hadn't gone out in a while. Need some face time with the coworkers. For my trouble, I got the tho seat in the Tahoe. I had to sit between the seats in the back on the floor. This is far more painful than it sounds. Ate least I have a skinny butt. The poor bastard who got it on the way back had hips.

  • Japan quake
    • World wide catastrophe.
    • The death tole, though tragic, is still under 10,000. If this had been a less developed and advanced nation, it would have been much higher.
    • Videos and the personal stories we have viewed and read.
    • The nuclear issues and all the crazy stuff that has happened beyond the quake regarding the plants. These guys are engineers, so leave it to them to focus on the technical details. It is just how they think.
    • Godzilla jokes. Yes, we went there in the car where no one else could hear us. "Save us Mothra!" We are all going to hell.
  • Doing mechanic work for fun and prophet. The guy I was talking to might be able to fix the weed eater I've managed to blow up.
  • TV
    • Dexter. The guy I was speaking with used to bail on his graduate studies one night a week to go hang out at a coffee bar and watch Dexter. Can't blame him.
    • Watching whole seasons at a time vs watching things as they come out.
    • Who watches TV any more?
  • Running
    • With kids
    • Times of 3 miles
    • Smart phone apps for running

DST day 1

I got up this morning. The family is off visiting grandma, so I was alone except for the cats. The house was extra dark and extra empty. While stumbling around looking for cloths and trying to make it out the door, I noticed my balance has gone again. I stumbled out the door and walked to the bus stop. The whole way the weather threatened, but never broke.

As I walked up to the bus stop and sat down to surf the net for a moment, I looked around. It is funny how sometimes everything just looks ridiculous. That was one of those moments. The lightning flashed. The headlights and street lights paled. The air smelled like rain. People shot by in cars. How many of them stopped to smell the air?

The internet was dead on my phone. Every time it rains our 3G goes out. Frigging T-Mobile sucks. I had to text my discontent to the universe, AKA Twitter. I get the little icon for 3G on my phone, but it doesn't work. I hate that more than I can put in words. As soon as I got in range of another tour, it came back up.

I don't remember getting off the bus and coming up to my office. I do remember someone tackling me in the hall with an issue. As I sat in my desk chair to log in to the computer and start my day I glanced out the window. It was darker than Friday. Between the rain and the time change, it looked very gloomy. Not the best way to start the week.

I texted around after a while and asked people what they thought of DST in general. It turns out the younger you are the more you like the idea. I must be getting old. Well, I've always been old, so I'm told. I hate DST. It is too disruptive. There a re some studies talking about how badly people react to the change in time. Male suicide rates go up. People with bad sleep schedules get even worse sleep. I can't seem to stop blogging about it and complaining. It is a mess.

The fact that I was in a sleep deprived stupor helped the morning go by faster. That works out well until tomorrow. Then it is right back to long and cluttered.

So, the weed eater started running funny last Fall. I had to choke it to get it to do anything. Sounds like my ex-wife. HA!! ... I kid. She reads the blog. Can't wait to hear about this one.

Back to the story. If I left the weed eater in the choke setting, it would run, but only well enough to keep from stalling. Of course, it had little power in that setting and ate gas. This is normal for that setting. If I move the switch over to "run" the RPM stay high for about 15 seconds and then the weed eater dies. I tried running without an air filter for a test go and got the same result. Pulled the spark plug and it looks gun metal gray and otherwise perfect. No idea if the gap is correct. It had never been removed so I doubt anything had happened to the gap. The only adjustment on the carburetor that I can find is the throttle limiter screw. It keeps you from over revving the motor.

I poked around on the internet for a bit looking for solutions. Every page and video I came across talks about ripping the whole top of the engine apart. I'm just not up for that if I"m honest. I have never been the carburetor repair type of guy.

So, I went over to Home Depot and bought one of the cheapest gas weed eaters they had. It was $70. I hate to admit it, but my father was right. I called him asking for advice on weed eaters. He heard what I had tried and said the device was not really worth spending any money on. I ended up agreeing. The new weed eater is almost identical to the old one, but smaller.

I got home, set the box in the garage. Went inside and had a glass of orange juice. I didn't even take the tape off the box. I'll tackle it this week. I feel like I lost a battle with manliness or something.



"What would you be if you were attached to another object by an incline plane wrapped helickly around an axis?"

Answer: "Screwed".

Lifted from The Big Bang Theory Season 4 Episode 5 "The Desperation Emanation".

This is one of my favorite nerd speak lines from the show.

Us vs Them

As the events unfolded in Egypt, as its people fought and begged to join the Free World, its self-appointed Leader, Pres. Obama, spoke loudly and clearly with a silence that was heard around the world. Because it was not just Mubarak that had a confused look on his face; for US Foreign Policy Mubarak was a key ally in the region, making them completely paralyzed by these events. All their carefully thought-out policies, the result of highly intelligent think-tanks and advisors had nothing to help them deal with this eventuality. It was, to them too, a Black Swan. An event they were unable to deal with, that resulted in incredible scenes such as Pres. Obama being interviewed on FoxNews referring to Mubarak, a dictator, as “a good partner”.
The truth of liberal democracies is that their existence has been dependent on the deprivation of citizens elsewhere in the world. That it has celebrated freedom at home while effectively supporting repression abroad. This is an inconvenient truth that has been carefully kept out of the mainstream ‘conversation’, which, when questioned at all has been deflected with the tired argument of all being for “The Greater Good.” The implicit statement being that some people’s freedom is worth more than others.
The biggest card the hierarchy has always played to defend itself has been the demonization of an opposing hierarchy; in fact it’s a vital part of its continued existence. This is what drove the Cold War, the Crusades, and, well, every war really. It’s what a war is: us vs them. Even in its latest form, asymmetric warfare, this remains true.
The great truth of the network is that we are all connected, so there fundamentally can be no Other. Contained within this then is the possibility of a future without war.
Perhaps then it is a sign of its obsolescence that we see governments and political groups still employing the politics of the Other. The UK could appear to have taken V For Vendetta as an instruction manual. Or not, because this perception is being managed through a particular segment of the mainstream media, amplifying a vocal minority, rather than being genuinely and provably representative of the people’s opinion.
Equally, the much publicised rise of the Tea Baggers in the US makes great use of hating the other; appearing to be racist, homophobic and anti-science.

The Nazis's had Jews to hate. Every five minutes our media tries to make us hate someone else. When we are board of hating them, we are handed another villain on a silver platter to devour. I am ill of hating people.

I do not want to hate anyone. Not any more. I want to be free and let others be free. I want our freedoms to compliment one another. I want our freedom to be contagious. I want our decisions to be understood to be part of our freedom and respected. I want to be free.


I fear for our leader

... I always remember the words of the managing editor of the Harvard Law Review who said that Obama loved the title of Editor of the Law Review, but he didn’t want to do the work. The managing editor said he rarely saw him except when it was to glad hand or take credit (and praise) for what was being done. Additionally, Obama never wrote a thing for the review during his tenure, something almost unheard of.
In all cases, his problems are leadership problems. He’s simply not a leader. He has no idea how to be a leader. But that doesn’t keep him from wanting leadership roles that offer him prestige, perks and pleasure derived from simply from being in the position.
The reason Obama can’t make a decision is he can’t reason like a leader must. He has no experience. And he doesn’t understand the decision making process as practiced by a leader. He’s never really had to make leadership decisions. So he simply tries to avoid making them. One way he does it is to ignore the problem. Another way he does this is to appoint commissions and panels concerning problems the country faces in order to defer the problem (and decision). He also like to defer to the “international community” on foreign policy or the Democratic leadership in the legislature on domestic things. Again, the avoidance of decision making.
Even the Democrats are noticing how poor a leader he is. They’ve been hollering for weeks, some of them very vocally, that he needs to step up and show some leadership in the budget process. To this point he’s done much of nothing. Today he gave a press conference on energy because gas prices have increased. Essentially his line of argument, concerning domestic oil, is we’re doing fine and we shouldn’t worry.

People tried to warn before he was the leader of the free world that he is not ready for the job. He is that guy who turns up to take the spot light. He is that guy who shows up when things run well to make sure everyone know whom to thank. He needs to be that guy who can fire people who need to be fired. he needs to be the guy who knows when to send in the tropes. He needs to be that guy who stands up in a crisis and takes charge.

Where is our leader? Oh, he is on a golf course. I should have known.

I knew it

I knew there was something wrong with Daylight Savings Time. I hate DST. I think it is too disruptive. People can just live their lives and be happy. We don't need to shift our lives by an hour for no good reason. The government seems to like DST because it gets people to spend a bit more money during the summer months. Some of the people at my work say they like having sunlight until 21:00 to go play. That's nice. I hate it.

Is Daylight Saving Time Bad For You?
"According to experts on circadian rhythms, the hour shift in sleep schedule from Daylight Saving Time can have serious effects on some people's health, particularly in people with certain pre-existing health problems. One study found that men were more likely to commit suicide during the first few weeks of Daylight Saving Time (DST) than at any other time during the year, and another study showed that the number of serious heart attacks jumps 6% to 10% on the first three workdays after DST begins. Dr. Xiaoyong Yang, an assistant professor of comparative medicine and cellular and molecular physiology at Yale University, theorizes that shifts in biologic rhythms could trigger harmful inflammatory or metabolic changes at the cellular level, to which these individuals may be more susceptible."

Man inserts contacts

All the years I've been putting in contacts and this is the best I can do. It only looks painful because it is.

I'm thinking it was something like 1995 or so when I started waring contacts. I've gone back and forth to glasses 50 times. Never before have I had contacts that were comfortable. The world is a brighter and much more clear with my new contacts.

The new contacts are Acre Optix. They are full of themselves, but they do make a good product. I asked my eye doctor about contacts that I could ware all the time. He suggested these. I agreed after a day and a half of warring them and bought a year's supply.

The old contacts worked fine. When they dried out, they itched terribly. At that point it was difficult to do the most likely thing that nearly always works to get them sitting properly again. Nothing. That is the big secret. Think about something else, blink, go on with whatever you were doing and don't, I mean don't, touch your contacts unless you are taking them out.

The new contacts are a bit thicker and a bit more ridged than the other contacts. That is, they are a bit more ridged than tissue paper. The reason hard contacts work is because every time you blink, air bubbles slide under the contact and expose the cornea to oxygen. Soft contacts allow air to pass straight through the plastic to the cornea. When your eyes are closed, hard contacts do not provide enough oxygen to your cornea. Soft contacts allow the blood vessels on the inside of your eyelid to provide your eyes with oxygen. This is probably why your eyes move when you dream. It allows your corneas to be exposed to fresh blood vessels inside the eyelid.

How perfect is that thumbnail? The thumbnail is the picture that comes up on a YouTube video as the default image you click on to view it. I looked right at the camera for all of about half a second. That frame is the one that got grabbed. I am not a partner, on YouTube so I cannot choose my own thumbnail yet. Maybe that will come along someday.

Field Data
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Description I've been putting in contacts for years. This is how difficult it is to put my contacts in.
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I wonder

I have no idea how the universe works. I don't get how things work. I do ponder the interactions of bits. Some imagination fueled thoughts below.

Space is a weak force that interacts with time and energy. The rate at which one can traverse space is really the rate at which you can overcome the opposing force of space. This appalls to light and matter.

If you can figure out a way to nullify this force, like nullifying noise by the use of special headphones, you could travel faster than the speed of light across the universe by taking a step through a doorway.

Gravity would work in a similar way. Once you figure out how to nullify one of these forces, you could do the same for the other forces. Thus, switch off gravity by using something that detects gravity, analyzes it, and emits a counter wave of sorts.

Time is radiation from matter. If you nullify time, you simply freeze to the spot. If you try to speed things up, you simply appear to get more done (including age) in a shorter amount of time compared to people around you.

Matter is bundle of force that pushes and pulls on other matter. It interacts with time at which point it becomes energy. After time is trough interacting with matter, it radiates again.

My Leader

For a leader, you are a poor follower.
For a person who cars about people, you don't care.
For the one to whom people turn, your are incapable.
For the great leader, you are small.

The people trust you.
The rich and poor alike have their future in your hands.
The law listens to you.
The free feel your touch round their throats.

You do not know to whom you answer.
You answer without question.
You jump and dance and lie and don't care.
You know you don't know who pulls your strings.

When the time comes to answer.
When the god you raise comes calling.
When those strings pull tight round your arms and legs.
You will fall same as every one else.

You will wine and cry, same as me.
You will stand in line for bread.
You will loose your children to poverty and decay.
Would you leave anyone with power alone on the day or reckoning?

The only people who win will be those who submit.
The only money will be food and shelter.
The only power will be strong hands and a club.
The only freedom is to follow the rules.

You will follow the rules.
You will stand in line for bread.
You will loose your children to poverty and decay.
You will be no different than me, my leader.

Earth Quake and Tsunami

You can get the news anywhere. I'm going to post my two cents.

I have cousins in California. I think some of them live near the water. This is the danger zone. By the time you read this, it is assuredly all over for that area. It is Okay thought. It is still worth putting the thoughts down for the world to stumble across.

One of my cushions used to live in Hawaii. She moved back to California last time I checked.

japan is one of the most prepared countries for earth quakes. The news prattles on about all the damage. A nuclear plant lost a cooling system. Hundreds of buildings are badly damaged. At last count the death tole was over 35. That is an early number. It would be great if the number did not climb, but I fear it will.

I listened to Geek News Central podcast from Thursday evening this morning. The recording was made before the earth quake happened. The guy who does the podcast is in Hawaii. I can't wait to hear his version of things early next week.

My aunt is the one I check with to find out if everyone on that side of the family is Okay. She gets returned text messages. No one returns my inquiries. This is normal. Every time I open my mouth in the family arena, I piss people off. The trouble is that I only open my mouth when I have something to say and no one wants substance. They all prefer fluff.

Hopefully all the bad stuff goes away, every one learns lessons and the next time things bad happen, we will apply what we learned and the task of surviving and moving forward will prevail.

Is there any evidence that one earth quake along that line in the west Pacific will beget another? I've heard people talk about this, but I've noticed no evidence. Any one heard of other activity along that fault, or other faults recently?


Agatha Christi has sold more books than any other human, as long as you discount the Christian Bible.

I need to go back to making videos and blog entries that I enjoy. Screw everyone else. That is it. They must please me first and only. Then, every one else may enjoy or hate them.


Park adventure

Next time

  • Machete
  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Tripod
  • Friend as backup
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Title Family fun at the local park.
Description We decided to hit Fudrudker's and the park today. Nearly got consumed by sticker bushes.
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Title Errand Saturday
Description Sam's Club, library, Sonic. You know the drill for a Rainy Saturday.
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Realization [don't bother reading]

I don't feel creative.

Lately, it seems that 95% of my life is spent at work. Not so much time as effort. I spend plenty of time at work. I spend most of my thinking and effort at work. It feels like that thing that is me is being used up. All that which I touch and feel that makes me whole is spent at work. This is bad. I do not do anything that is creative at work to be honest.

This place is not worth my life. There has to be more to breathing and taking up resources than setting up printers and networks. I'm living to work instead of the proper way round. This is a bad thing.

What to do? I blog and now vlog a bit. What do other people do to feel like they have more to life than just surviving? Some people write or play games. Some people live through their kids. What I'm doing doesn't appear to be working. I do not feel fulfilled. Does every one go through this? Is this the middle aged craze I've heard so much about. Movies have been made. Songs have been sung.

Is this one of those things that just is and cannot be fixed? What to do?

At lunch today I stood on top of the parking garage in one of the best weather days we have had yet this year. It was just cool enough to be beautiful and warm enough to to stand in the sun and love it. I gazed around the surrounding area. The contents of every degree of my vision contained humans. In every direction for every distance. When I look down there is evidence of humans. When I look up, the future of humans.

Why? What are we supposed to do? Who cares? It all seems like the most colossal waist of time. One day we will spray our selves off this rock and infest the rest of everything. What will a win look like? What are we planning on finding and doing to make the universe a better place? Not for us, for the universe.

The first guy who rubbed the correct rocks together doomed us. Once we had fire, the end was written.

No one offers an answer. I'm not talking the classical "Why are we here?" I'm asking "What is the point?" There is a subtle difference. One is philosophical, the other is cynical. There are explanations that might mean something. The world might be here for the amusement of God or of some fancy computer. Reality might be a simulation. There was something about a turtle's back and an elephant. What other hundred explanations are there for us to be?


I need a reason to thing the human experience is something more than a waist of time. There must be some redeeming feature of existence that makes it all worth while. If not, then things are bleak.


Libya. How many thousands of people have died in the protests and already, it is dropping in the conciseness of the world stage. What is going to happen when people cannot hold a thought longer than a breath? I'm ashamed of myself for falling in to the hole of wanting to read about Sheen over Gaddafi. It has nearly gotten to the point that people don't want to watch either situation for fear of perpetuating the situation with their attention.

It cracks me up. Do you remember those good banks and bad banks they were splitting all the loans in to a year ago or more? Ya, I didn't either until I heard the news stories this morning. Well, the good banks are loosing their shirts and the bad banks are turning a profit. Figures. These billionaires are lucky, not smart.

We have a seven year old CD printer at work. We are trying to upgrade people's computers. The printer/duplicator will not work in Vista or 7. The last update to the driver was 2004. The CD burning bit of the device does not work any more. The printer keeps chugging along. The company has newer versions of the same thing that have been discontinued. We are now a couple generations down the line. I think it is time to upgrade. Try convincing the management.

Windows XP doesn't work any more. There are zombie machines out there that seem like they are working. People simply can't smell the difference.

Frankenstein Monster is science fiction. Dammit!



Why do nerds get Christmas and Halloween confused?

Answer: Because Dec 25 = Oct 31.

Break conversation

I just walked around in the wonderful weather at lunch. This came from afternoon break time.

  • Work (dang it)
  • Giving someone good help is apparently helping get other people off their back.
  • Pubs and pub crawls. This included discussions of bars down town.
  • Small little hole in the wall pubs.
  • Passing around stupid jokes at work. I need to make a "lame-jokes@[our web page].com" distribution list.
  • Tea. We do call it tea time.


Trying out some new contacts. My old ones worked, but they got uncomfortable relatively quickly. These new ones are more expensive. They are also many times more comfortable. It looks like I'm going to bite the bullet and get a six month supply. I may try to find them wholesale after that.

These contacts are called Air Optics or something like that. They are even more expensive because they are for astigmatism. They do deliver more oxygen than the old contacts. Still not as much as hard contacts. As long as your are blinking, not much beats hard contacts beyond not warring any contacts. These new contacts are a bit more rigid than the old contacts. They are by no means hard. They are just not quite as floppy as tissue paper.

Called for price. $232 after a $20 rebate. Drat. That is a lot of money. I do want to just ware them all the time. These are the contacts I can ware all the time. Just having warn them a couple days now tells me they are the correct product for me to try.

Put in the order. Ouch. Be here in a week. I am excited. No more eating lunches for a while. I didn't need the fast food anyway.

I'm sure I'll complain more on the blog in weeks to come.


  • A friend of our was playing a character in DnD. His character was killed by an NPC (Non Playing Character). He rolled up the NPC and is now playing the guy who killed his original character. There is just something appropriate about this.
  • I don't know if I'm getting better/faster at the "normal" stuff or if so many new and strange things are happening, but I feel that the majority of the stuff I do all day is strange one off requests.



    The price of food goes up. Middle East countries have difficulty and protests and what not. This puts the fear in the market. This causes the price of oil to rise. The higher the price of oil goes, the more expensive producing food becomes and the more expensive food becomes in the Middle East. Get the idea?

    I road all the way in to work with my shirt on inside out. This is not a record. I've noticed my shirt on inside out as I was taking it off in the evening before.

    People are growing their own tobacco. The higher taxes go, the more people decide that growing it instead of buying it is easier.

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 is just as likely to win as any other number. I never got in to playing the same set of numbers every week because if I missed a week and the numbers came up, I'd kill myself. I don't play any more really.

    Every single time I set foot in the hallway this afternoon, I got tackled. Normally, it isn't this bad. It was crazy crap too.


    The Belmont Club

    When I read blogs, I tend to cut many articles short and skip bits here and there just because I'm board or because I'm not interested or because I've heard it before. This never happens with Belmont Club.

    An article chosen at random, well, it was the next one in line for my reader.

    Cuba is putting a US aid contractor on trial for the crime of helping Cuban Jews connect to the Internet. If convicted, he may be sentenced to 20 years. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says she is “deeply concerned” and hopes the Cubans will let him go soon. Sources say a “political solution” will be reached soon, which probably means that the accused, Alan Gross, will be traded for something.
    CNN has just announced the Gross’s trial is over, with no verdict announced. There was speculation he would be released to the US on humanitarian grounds. If Cuba weren’t so progressive people might get the impression it was a tyranny. Castro’s one-man-rule gets away with so much that if his name were Ian Smith or Augusto Pinochet instead of “Fidel” he would be mentioned in the same breath as Adolph Hitler, or at least, Mohammer Khadaffi.

    I won't say they are all good. I've rarely skipped an article based on headline.


    Oh, for fuck sake!

    Lots of meet

    Hey Heath! Get a load of the "pit".

    Urban Olympias trials

    Strong language and violent impacts.

    Crack-head chucking contest.


    How many particle physicists does it take to change a light bulb?

    Answer: They can't agree on the number of dimensions involved.

    Trust me, it is funny. How many particle physicist jokes have your heard this week?


    Human Target is a TV show that it seems like I would like. Trouble is, I don't like ti. I'm not sure why. I don't get in to the characters. I don't get in to the gadgets or the plots. I don't feel any of the relationships.

    No Ordinary Family is the same way. I hate the show. I'm so sick of the whole super hero out of water thing. I have only watched a couple episodes. I hate the characters. I want bad things to happen to them. I want the family to suffer. This is not what you are supposed to want with this show. You are supposed to like the family members. You are supposed to be rooting for them. I can't tell if I want them all to die in some sort of industrial accident or just all wind up in a super Villon prison having been framed by a mundane who none of them have met.

    "Let's throw in a couple teenagers. That will suck in a whole demographic." Bah!

    People with kids prefer episodic based stories. People without kids don't mind watching long term arc kind of shows like LOST. I've heard this same comparison with old and young, smart and dumb, liberal and conservative and purple and green. I just don't think it is real. There are shows that work better with a long term arc kind of style and some shows that work better solving most problems in an hour or so.

    I like Archer. I like the characters. I like the adult angst. I like the cheap relationships. I like the drunk mom running things. She is only there because she fucked her way to the top. She is currently banging the leader of the Russian version of the same organization. There is a better funded rival organization. Are these guys on the U. S. side at all, or are the independent mercenaries? The animation is terrible. I like the show.

    Castle is pretty cool. I watch it, but I don't really get in to it. I just don't care about the sexual tension between the two characters. I do watch the show.

    The Big Bang Theory rocks. I get the characters. The love interest relationship crap doesn't get in the way of geeks being geeks that much. It is well balanced. The best character is from East Texas. What is not to like? I can never catch it on TV. I have to wait for the show to turn up a full season at a time on DVD from friend's collections. They just renewed this show for like three years. That never happens.

    Then comes the mindless dribble from Fox. I watch The Simpson's, American Dad and Family Guy for the laughs. The shows have little redeeming entertainment value beyond laughing at stupid jokes. That is good enough if I'm honest. Not every show can tug on the heart or brain. Some are only good for a jab in the ribs. So be it.

    It's Always Sunny in Philly. I'm waiting for one of the characters to kill the other. I'm a big fan of Davido for some reason. I like to be disgusted by him. It is a bad thing, but here we are.

    Wonder why I don't watch TV any more.

    Hard to read

    I read something recently that was horrible. Not that it was bad to read, the story was well written. What it was about was bad. Unfortunately, it was not fiction. It was about a girl who was molested as a child. The story was from the grown woman's point of view. What happened to her was hard to read. how it affected her life and relationships was just as hard to read. When someone is molested, it affects the entire human and their entire life.

    having read it, I'm glad I did read it. I wish a bit that I could do something to help. There is nothing. I hope this woman and so many other people out there who have similar stories find themselves in a happy world without the evil taking their time and fun away from them.


    Someone stopped me on the elevator this morning and asked me if anyone ever says I look like one of the Mythbusters. I was tempted to say "No, you are the first one." but couldn't bring myself to lie.

    How many particle physicists does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: They can't agree on the number of dimensions involved.

    Went and watched I am Number 4. My opinion is "eh". That is all.


    Family Day

    Field Data
    Title A family day
    Description We went from far north of Houston to south of Houston and shared a bunch of good times with family. It was a good Saturday.
    Tags family visiting grandmother grandparents fun silly string welding tick tack toe canon powershot 940IS Houston Conroe Texas
    Link Link

    Wednesday morning fog

    Field Data
    Title Foggy morning
    Description The commute is bad enough on foot. Try it in the fog.
    Tags fog morning commute weather pedestrian walking Canon PowerShot 940IS Harris County Houston Texas
    Link Link

    Lunch Conversation

    Things covered that I remember.

    • Our buddy who went to Orlando Florida and Disney Land.
      • I texted him with the name of the place we were headed just to tick him off.
      • When they bright the hot sauce, someone said "Adam isn't here." He is the one at Disney Land. I ate some in his honer.
    • Housing.
      • Someone got some land and wants to stick a mobile home out there for a weekend get away place. Sounds like a plan to me.
      • Houston bubbles, zero down and no Interest loans.
      • Do people get paid more to live in California where the housing prices are nuts?
      • Some people have made a fortune on housing and now it is just time to take the lumps.
      • Houston didn't really get hit as hard as so many other places.
    • Taxes.
      • Mostly complaining about paying them and all the frigging paperwork involved.
      • What we think the rules are about working in one country and paying taxes in another.
    • Android phones.
    • The fog this morning.
      • My camera actually cuts some of the glare. I can see through the fog just a bit better while looking at the screen on my video camera. I believe this is due to a blue filter on the lens.
      • One of the guys thought about making a timelapse for his commute through the fog. Would have been cool I say.
    • A past coworker has opened a restaurant.

    Not mentioned, that I remember.

    • Politics
    • Video games
    • Work

    Most people sat there playing with their phones at at lest one part of the conversation. Thing is, they were looking up something to contribute to the conversation, Rob and I were nearly squashed on the way back to work. Sorry Rob.


    It was foggy this morning on the trip in. Even after the sun came up the fog was thick. Kind of surprising. When I woke, the local news warned of the fog, but they hadn't said anything about it yesterday. I tried to shoot a bit of video, but things look a bit bleak. Haven't looked at the footage yet.

    I give up again on the idea of using Open Office as a blog tool. The software is just not set up for what I need. It tries to put too much information that controls what the fonts look like and how the paragraphs lie on the page. That extra coda just gets in the way. I miss using a GUI based HTML tool. They all suck. The only way to get what you want in the browser it to code it. Why do I keep going back to this? There is only one GUI editor that works. It is called Dreamweaver.

    Twin Peaks was one of those shows that I never watched. I'm glad I never watched it. It is constantly compared to X-Files. I hear it referenced in popular culture. I just don't care. I get the idea of it. I do not want to watch it now. It is just one of those things I'm never going to experience. I officially close the door on it. Bah!

    Spent my day installing software. Then hunting down other software and installing that.

    Cockroaches can put themselves in a sort of hibernation that allows them to just sit and wait for better conditions to happen.



    Trying Open Office again as a throw down HTML editor. I know this does not work for me, but, I'm trying it one more time.
    Capitalism is a Ponzi Scheme. When you take a large portion of Capitalism, throw it in a pot, boil it for a long time. What is left looks, smells, feels like a disturbing Ponzi Scheme.
    A friend of mine took his family to Disney Land. It sounds like they are going to have a ball. Their little girl is 4, maybe 5. She is at that perfect age to experience the place. They are the read up on it kind of parents and have a list of things to do, rides, experiences and all that. Disney Land is so complex and popular that you have to plan. I wish them all the best.
    My parent's are getting a new hot water heater. Ours is messing up. We may need one in the not too distant future. I wish we could afford one of those nifty in-line water heaters. I'm not dropping $2000 for endless hot water. Well, maybe.

    Linux VM

    At work, I intend to switch my primary machine from linux to Windows. It has become untenable to use Linux on our network. The way we have everything set up does not make it worth while. I cannot get to places on the network that I need to browse while using linux.
    I will still support linux boxes. I will still have linux on my system to use as I need. Dual boot drives me batty so I intend to create virtual machines as needed to perform linux tasks. My primary system will have the dual screens hooked up.
    If this works out, I intend to put machines in front of people that do the same. I'm not going to get in to how our network is set up, but let me say, that providing virtual machines would cut down on the total number of machines we need just to get our day to day work done.
    At home, I will use linux. Nothing changes there. If anything, I will use a Windows VM or Wine to get windows types of tasks done as I do now. I have no windows VM, but they are legal for experimentation.
    This will change how I do my blog notes. I normally jot down some HTML notes at work and email them home. I then take the raw HTML code and hone it in to the magnificent prose you experience here. (stop laughing) In windows, I will want to use a GUI editor. Surely I will not leave it to a text editor. Maybe.
    I have wondered for years how I ever got along without multiple desktops on Windows. It took me all of five minutes to get used to using desktops to keep track of my place and my needs. I found a software called finestra  that gives me similar functionality on Windows. It is a bit buggy, but it seems to work OK.
    This isn't really something I want to do. It is something that I'm cornered in to doing. It is just something that will make my job that much easier to me.


    It is only 14:00.
    I'm here until 18:00. 
    I may take off at 17:00. 
    I haven't decided yet.

    We have a break in an hour. 
    I wonder if I'll last that long. 
    People show up and talk about anything but work. 
    It is a good thing. It breaks up the afternoon.

    Today is a bad one for my mental health.
    For some reason I cannot concentrate properly.
    Things just don't add up like they should. 
    The world is passing me by very slowly.

    I ate something for lunch that was bad for me. 
    Not much new about that. Still, 
    I should not be in the mess I'm in. 
    There is something else going on.


    The big IT manager in the sky

    One of my big gripes as an IT professional is people who are not willing to learn how to help themselves. I document and document and no one reads it. No one pays attention. They all want to play in the sunshine and get laid. No one wants to maintain their email inbox or learn how to fix the wifi network when they can't get an IP address. They complain when things go wrong and I try to figure out how to fix one thing so it does not break other things.

    This makes me think of God. I'm not saying I'm god. It just reminds me of the structure of IT.

    • People know they need us, but they don't know why until they really need us.
    • No one wants to hang out with us until they want something from us.
    • We are never cool.
    • No one understands what we do or how we work.
    • We keep things working every day, but no one realizes it.
    • We receive no praise and tons of blame.

    How many IT professionals does it take to change a light bulb?

    Answer "E12, E14 or E27?"


    South Korea folks pay $27 a month for gigabit internet. One more bit of proof that the U. S. is falling from grace by leaps and bounds.

    Who has time to plan for a pension? My plan is to die three days before I retire.

    Peaches and cream. I've had peaches and cream. The dish is as good as food gets. This is not how life works. The phrase bed of roses is ridiculous. Any one who has fallen in to a rose plant can tell you this fact. Life is a long list of choices that either you make for yourself or that others make for you. Notices I didn't say that you make for others. That is because no one makes choices for others. People only make choices for themselves that affect others.

    People need to stop talking about their yearly salary in therms of gross income. They need to use net income. If you stop and think about it, gross income makes no difference to a person's life. Once you remove taxes and things like required insurance also known as social security Medicaid.