It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


SCO vs Linux
OK, This is truly geek stuff.
SCO has claimed IBM and others have stolen their Unix code and stuffed it into Linux. Even the guy who Linux is named after, Linus Torvalds, is in the SCO's sites. I would have linked Linus' site, but it is dreadful. Slashdot has kept up with the trouble. I'm not sure what the exact trouble is. IBM has made few comments. Some Linux organizations have said "put up or shut up" to SCO. Some other company says they really own the patents. What a mess.

Poor Kid
Try this link, I hope it still works. A page should pop up with two links. They are to videos of some poor sap who forgot to remove a tape from a camera at his school. He does this Darth Maul Jedi move with a stick and nearly falls on his butt a couple of times. I hope he has a sense of humor and no pride.

Alien IV (maybe it is V)
They are playing Alien IV on regular television. It is no wander cable and satellite television have taken over the medium. Regular TV just doesn't make sense any more. Every curs word and every sexual innuendo have been over dubbed. It makes the movie experience drag down. I have it on CD somewhere. I should dig up the original and watch it. Rider does play a hot little android-next-door though. This movie has one really cool side note. The captain tosses a grenade into an escape pod just as it launches. As soon as the pod is a safe distance away, he pushes a button on the “spoon” and the pod blows into a million pieces. That is pretty sweet, as long as all grenades have a unique coded “spoon”..


One Europe
I'm listening to the BBC. The big topic lately is the joined Europe. The one thing I get is there is allot of miscommunication on what the treaties and constitutions that are bouncing around. There are people asking some pretty forward questions and getting some dodgy answers. People in the UK are properly upset about loosing their individuality. I understand their concerns. The UK is on the high side of the balance and they are afraid they will be drug down while every one else is pulled up. It sounds like the rhetoric that went around during the creation of the US. Virginia and New York I believe (maybe it was Massachusetts) had good things going and didn't want to be scuttled by the rest of the colonies. One common tout from the Brits is "I don't want Europe telling us what to do." I can't wait to find out how things go over "over there."

Never Mind
So, I'm working on an old server. I want to get Samba and VIC working on it like my other server. The fact is, I don't really know how I got the other machine to work, so I want to repeat my effort on another machine. It is an old HP PII 333 with one bad IDE channel (that's how I got the machine for nothing) and a fourteen inch monitor. Normally, the monitor wouldn't factor into the effort except this time, of course, is different. I install Red Hat 9.0. The damn thing won't recognize my NIC (Network Interface Card) so I shut down and put in a different one. Still nothing. I concede and just install Mandrake 9.0. This fixes the NIC problem, but now Mandrake Control Center won't fit on the screen. That's right, the screen is 800x600 and I can't get to the "save" button at the button of the screen. Oh, and get this. The space bar doesn't work in the terminal. It works fine in the X editor, but not the terminal. I can't get a break. That is where I left it at 4:55 am this morning before I went to work. Worry not, I did sleep.

Frame Rate
Einstein said that the faster you go the slower time passes for you. I wander if that is entirely accurate. I think of it as an old movie where the frames pass at a rate of twelve frames per second instead of the twenty four frames per second today. The same action went by in basically the same real time. The perception is the same really. As you approach the speed of light, do the frames compress, or are there simply less frames going by? Are there a fixed number of frames we pass through? Or, is there a universal constant "time" and we perceive the frames differently based on how close we are to a large mass like the sun,or Earth? Or, perhaps it is how fast we are traveling through space as compared to some still spot at the center of the galaxy.
If a set of twins decide to experiment. One twin elects to stay on Earth while the other travels in deep space away from gravity and at a high rate of speed. According to Einstein, the twin on Earth would be old and gray when the wandering twin comes back home, still young.
Lets say Einstein is completely right here. It other words the slower you go, the more time you spend doing it (the slower you go, the faster you age). The faster you go, the less time you experience passing by (the faster you go the slower you age). Wait a minute. (E=MC*2) Where is time? C represents the speed of light. Speed is (speed = distance / time). Ah-ha. There it is. Time in this equation is always equal to 1 (the time as measured on Earth) as far as I can tell. What if time approaches the infinitesimal as you approach the speed of light? What if time approaches the infinite as you slow down? (Woh, I spelled infinitesimal right on the first try. Creepy.) Speed as compared to what? I don't know. I'm just throwing this out there for the moment.
There are a hundred different ways I want to go with this discussion. It's times like these I wish I had studied harder in math class.
Einstein's Theory of Relativity solved for time looks like[ ((E/M)^0.5)/D = T ]. Where D = the distance covered by light in T measurement of time as measured on Earth. Earth Time Unit (ETU) How do I patent this?


Flying Cars
There is an article on MSNBC that touts flying cars for the masses. Hey, that's great, but until they fix the drunk driving problem in this country, I'm against the idea 100%. Just imagine sitting at home and a flying car with a drunk at the stick manages to screw up the safety system and crash the flying machine into an entire block of homes starting a fire. Now, imagine on Sunday morning at about 2:15 am 1 in 3 vehicles have a drunk at the controls.
If the automated system they speak of in this article works out, it will be a boom for me. I may not be able to drive a car on the ground, but there is no reason I couldn't fly one in the air. That is a nice prospect. I'll start saving now. I wander how much the fuel and maintenance will cost.
The author of the article above should have found a more interesting “Critic” than they did. This guy just sounds like an old nay-saying fuddy-duddy.

Adds on the Web
I'm sitting here on a Sunday afternoon blocking sites. I'm editing my hosts file to block the more obnoxious pop up adds. Editing the host file works on all communication with the current computer regardless browser. In Windows 2000/XP your hosts file (no extension) is in <c:\Windows\system32\etc\hosts>. There should be some instructions at the top on how to maintain the file. Use IP address for sites you don't want to show up on your computer. That IP address is a local “loopback”. In other words, if the host name isn't on your local computer, it will not show up. Pretty nifty.
Mozilla has nice feature that allows you to right click on an image and “block images from this server”. Be careful with that one. I saw some normal pictures disappear too. I'll live. Even better is an “unblock images from this server” for those desperate premature clicks.
I use a program called Ad-Aware. The latest version is pretty limited. I'm looking for a good replacement. This program searches your whole system for known spyware. There are already some spyware programs that disable the cleaning programs like Ad-Aware. That's a drag.


Mother Hen
I have a buddy at my day job who's wife is expecting a child. He didn't come in today unexpectedly. I tried to call him on his mobile and left a message. No one had herd from him. I assume the worst and track someone down who has his home number. He is fine of course. I'm just a worry-wart.

The Real Player
I met one of those people last night. A buddy of a buddy of mine is a real player. He is kind of dorky looking, but he can get just about any receptive woman he wants. I did not catch him in action, but his fiancé is a Playboy Bunny (model (whatever)). I left the party early, but I'm told he was able to get a woman to come over and bring her friends. That sort of stuff isn't proof really, but it is better than I've ever done. So, what is that thing? Is it confidence? Is it pheromones? I'm the last person to know. It is on the list of useless information you will be told after you dye.

Johnny Walker Black
I went to a Whiskey tasting last night. We learned all about Chivas Regal. One of the "flavors" I liked was Johnny Walker Black. It had smoke-earthy twang. This Scottish guy in a kilt cracked jokes and educated us on the details of Scotch Whiskey. He showed us how to mix whiskey and derive a blend of our own.
This was the Hotel opening I wrote about earlier. I was pleased with the cloths I picked out. My buddies said I looked quite Business Casual.

We sit on a friend's deck, warm muggy night,I holding her tight to my chest. We both face the moon, leaning against a pillar. I draw in close, whisper my warm breath across her ear and say "Dream with me. Look to the clouds aside the moon and we are there, in heaven, together, forever, dreaming of the moment we spent on a friends deck."


Boring Dreams
What is the deal? I've had the most boring dreams lately. I had a dream last night that my shoe strings were uneven. No matter what I did to re-adjust them, they were uneven by a mile. This has got to stop. Why do I remember these dreams? Normally I only remember dreams if I wake up. Lately though I seem to remember many dreams. Now that I'm griping, I will have a nightmare, I know it.

"Spooky" Stuff
CNN just reported that the US government is highly worried about a terrorist attack somewhere in the United States soon. The officials said the "... chatter is reasonably spooky stuff". Whatever that means. Do I drink the water out of the tap or not?

Business Casual
I just got invited to a business meeting tomorrow evening. It is a meet and greet down town for a new hotel. There will be a bunch of people. The CEO of Tpro hooked us up with invites. I don't have close that qualify as business casual. I've conned my Pop to run me to Penny's this evening so i can grab some proper shirts. I intend to ware cowboy boots with a bit of polish thrown at them. You can get away with cowboy boots over dress-shoes in Texas, or so I'm told. Now I'm all excited. I'll never get any work done this evening. I need to work on a short presentation for support web pages. (sheesh)
I suppose I can thank my ex-girlfriend Julie for the iron I own. I bought it to impress her. I haven't used since we broke things off. This is a great opportunity to make sure that $12 piece of Mexican technology still works.
I just got back from J. C. Penny with two new shirts and a new pare of slacks. They are all “Wrinkle Free” Thank goodness, because I am Mr. Wrinkles. It is just too bad that the words “Wrinkle Free” must mean “Screw you” in some language because they have wrinkles. I am a wrinkle magnate. The shirts are in the dryer. Wish me luck.


Sunday Afternoon
What a pretty day. It is Sunday afternoon and I'm sitting in an air-conditioned living room surfing the net and listening to the television in the background. Smallvill is on. It is a rerun of course. It doesn't matter. I'm not listening really. I just need some noise to drown out my neighbors. There are kids playing outside. I watched them yesterday afternoon for a moment. They had hand signals and they were “sneaking” around the sides of buildings. I wander what they were playing. Are they commandoes saving the president? Are they sneaking through a dragons cave? Are they avoiding the local geek?I almost gave them my old set of walky-talkies. Some one should get some use out of them.
it is eighty degrees in my apartment and the AC kicks in every ten minutes. That is about right. It is going to be a warm Summer I bet. I have some plans this Summer. I will go swimming at least once. I will go out to a bar with friends more than once. I will take pictures of my experiences. I will put myself in the path of women. (in a good way) I will work outside of work to better myself. I will take time to learn, it doesn't matter what.

Just what can I see?
I am legally blind. No one seems to know what that means. It means different things.

Q: How far can I see?
A: I can see the stars, just not as brightly. Though in Yellowstone the stars are close enough to pluck from the heavens and hand to your love.

Q: Were you born this way?
A: Yes. I have never known any other way of being.

Q: Why do I turn the monitor brightness down so dim?
A: I sit about 3 inches from the screen. some one with normal vision might sit 24 inches from the screen. When you cut the distance from you eye to the screen in half, you multiply the amount of light going into your eye by four. There for, I have 64 times as much light entering my eye. If some one sites 48 inches away, I have 256 times as much light entering my eye as theirs. it is like trying to read with some one shining a flashlight in your eye. Since I turn down the monitor so much, it really helps to be in a darkened room. Since I'm in a darkened room, any glare really wipes out what comes up on the screen.

Q: Why do I think I qualify for Metro Lift?
A: I cannot read the signs on streets or on the busses without aid of a telescope. Even then, a bus has a sign on the front of it that says what rout it is. The letters are pretty big, but there are three things that make it all but impossible for me to read. The bus is moving. The letters are changing (cycling from one description to another constantly). Lastly, the letters are made of dots. Even when back-lit at night the sign looks like it is bouncing around.

Q: What size type can you read?
A: I can read normal book size type. On the internet, people love to make graphics into text and user fancy fonts, or funky colors for their type to make it stand out. That is like the worse thing in the world for legally blind folks.

Q: Why don't I use one of those giant screen magnifiers or a magnifier that shoots up a whole page at a time?
A: They don't work for me. A small magnifier that allows me to focus on one piece of text at a time works far better in most situations.

Q: Can I watch movies?
A: I watch movies all the time. Quite often I don't get as much out of it as others. There are times when I miss visual jokes or don't catch what a sign or piece of paper says. I fake it. Subtitles have always been my down fall. I now download movies that have subtitles and pause the action every couple of seconds to catch what the people say. I love Japanese Animation and this method is the only way I can stand to watch the shows. A telescope has never worked for television or the movies because it is too much of a not hole to view the action through.

Q: How do I know when a girl smiles at me in “that way”?
A: I don't.
There is that dance that happens between men and women when they find that they have a fascination with each other. It is that batting of the eyes, that look down and a smile thing that scientists have defined as the human mating ritual . This ritual is visual and more. It is body language and that “come hither” look. It is “bedroom eyes”. The problem is not that I miss it all together. The trouble is I only get about half the signals. It makes for far too acquired a situation. The dance must be graceful. Lapses in the order and timing are killers.


Internet Radio
I was just listening to
BBC Radio One (channel 1) and they promoted a band from Austin. The DJ bragged about catching this band in Austin a couple of weeks ago. I didn't catch the name of the band. "Grandfather" or something like that. They were the alternative-light sound I've heard come out of Austin lately. It wasn't even that great in my opinion. There is so much better music in Texas. I just think that's great. I love it when I catch a local (Austin is considered a suburb of Houston by Houstonians (not really, but I'll take what I can get)) on international news and music sites. The DJ spoke of Austin like he pops in on the weekends. The program on the BBC is called "Air - Music from Scotland and beyond".

Good Song
This is the "Nobody Loves Me" song I like.
Artist: Portishead
Song: Sour Times
CD: Dummy
I've tried to find this song, but half of all songs ever written have the words “loves me” in it. Half of those are “Nobody loves me”. It is absolutely nuts. Well, I heard it on radio paradise and ran down their music list. Go online radio.
The funny thing is, I don't remember why this song means something to me. It must have been over a woman. This song has that haunting loneliness dripping from every note. It's too bad I don't have a working CD player. I'd order music.


Harry Potter
They (BBC) say there is a fake out there of the latest book. They mentioned a sharing service that sounded quite a bit like Overnet/eDonkey. I'm on the job. I've only read the first two books. I really should get the other two out now done first. I downloaded a text version of Harry Potter so I could get the computer to read it to me. I don't feel a bit bad having downloaded it for that reason. There are quite a few books I would have loved to have read. I can't think of a single one at the moment.

God's Plan
I get upset when things don't go my way.
I rant and rave, I curse the day.

Helpless and alone with soles all around.
I see God's grace abound.

What is God's plan for me?
Will I know it when I see?

I tread on God's ground, I breath God's breath.
I will feel God's hand the day of my death.

Might I be here to help another?
Shall I save a child or mother?

Will I ever know when I'm done?
Should I just sit and enjoy the sun?

Everything will be just fine.
It's God's plan, not mine.

I do not like this poem. It didn't come out anything like I planned. It's funny how that happens.


Working at Home and Politics
I've always said I would like to work from home. I would be more productive I bet. I heard a study that says people who work at home get lower evaluations from their superiors and have more family conflicts. I'm incline to believe it.It also said these poor saps work more hours for no pay. They are more productive, but no one sees it. I remember a study about Japan that said Japanese executive types worked more hours, but weren't any more productive than their American counterparts. The study found that Japanese execs stayed longer to look better to their boss. I'm incline to believe that too.
I've always gotten upset that the American democracy is just a popularity contest. I remember a survey done in the 1992 presidential race that asked some telling questions. One question was "Who would your rather have a date with?" Clinton won this one hands down. Another question was "Who would you rather baby-sit your kids?" Bush won this one, again, hands down. I think this says allot about our choice in politics. People just vote on emotions. We need more Vulcans in our political system.


Saturday Afternoon
So, I'm sitting at home on a Saturday afternoon and my buddy calls. He has BuzzFest tickets. BuzzFest is a promotional thing done by a local radio station who call themselves
The Buzz. They suck just like all Clear Channel radio these days. I remember BuzzFest as a happening event. I remember the crowds and the trouble. I've never been, I've just heard about it. I'm sitting at home and thinking about the traffic and the parking and the people. Mostly the people. Only Drunk Red-necks how up to the BuzzFest. I just don't want to deal with them. There are a bunch of pretty girls, and some cool bands, but the drunk assholes are just too much to deal with. I say no to my buddy. He tells me he has stage passes. That is worse. I say no. I tell him i need to work on my database schema. I do need to work on it, but it is an excuse. If he had just asked me to lunch we could have gone to a sports bar somewhere and swapped likes about our sexual conquests, but no. He wants to go to BuzzFest. Screw BuzzFest.
Another buddy called about lunch, but his wife needs the car. What's the deal? I just want to go to lunch. I should lighten up.

One Haunting Memory
Several years ago while buying drink at the Texas Renaissance Festival, I stumbled across the most beautiful woman in the world. I walked up to order my a drink and she looked me in the eye. She said something and I just stared at her for a moment. In that moment I realized how easy it would be to never know my next breath, if I never lifted my foot from that spot, how easily I could ignore Death's reaper against my neck, just to hold her glance for another heartbeat. It isn't the girl who I remember really. It is that lost moment. Life is moments. People say to live life as though every day is your last. I can't do that. I regret that and many more moments in my life. I've heard that dying people don't regret the things they do, they regret the things they didn't do. I haven't done so many things I should have. I should have smiled with that girl and maybe fallen in love. I should have worked harder at school. i should have worked harder when I was a child and people wanted to help me with my social skills. Now I cannot open up to a person. I must desperately shout the entire internet. There is no one to blame. Not even me. It just happened.

Another Memory
I used to walk up the Sam Houston Beltway on my way to work. I ride the bus and in Houston, you walk when you ride the bus. That is another blog. I get to work early so It was dark on this particular morning. A man in a small car flashed his high beams at me and swerved funny. He went around the loop (took four lefts) and caught me just before I hit the parking lot of my office. he pulled a pistol and yelled at me for about five minutes. He claimed to be a cop, but I don't believe him. His eyes were bloodshot. My knees shook I looked him right in the eye and spoke in a monotone voice. God was with me. I made a police report. I am legally blind so I couldn't get a license plate. I wouldn't be any good in court as a witness anyway. There is really no reason for it. It just happened.

Tom Waits
Tom Waits was on PBS this evening. Wow! What a performance. No wander performers site this guy when they are asked for those who inspire them. I'm going to pick up some of his work.


My company is of course interested in collaboration software. The problem is the company isn't much interested in collaborating with anyone. All the software out there seems to do the job of helping groups of people communicate and share information. The problem is company A wants company B's information, but doesn't want to give any information to company B, or as little as possible. Information is a commodity after all. Business on a whole goes faster if people share information. It's like having 15 people in a round boat who all speak different languages and are all pointing different directions. No one will paddle until every one else does and then every one wants to go their own way. All collaboration software does is allow them all to yell at each other. The final version of the software will not be designed by users, programmers, communication experts, interface designers, or any one who will benefit from the software really. The one's who are calling the shots in collaboration software are the lawyers.

I'm sitting at work waiting for a process to finish. I'm looking out the window and I wander who started the whole concept of working. Did one person work for another non-family member for compensation before agriculture? There must be a starting point somewhere. The ;line is blurry now that I think about it. What is compensation? Cooperative hunting and gathering doesn't count because individuals work for an extended family, the tribe. Shaman might count because they received payment for a service. Does paying a shaman count as homage to a God?

BMW 330i
A buddy of mine just got a BMW330i this week. It has a light upgrade and a nice interior. He bought it used from a dealership for several thousand under blue-book. We rode over to BW3's for lunch. It rides mice. I've always thought that BMWs were pricey for what yo got, but this guy beat the curve.

Space Travel
I wander what long term space travel will be like. I think of the roomy spaceships on TV like Star Trek and then add "massive budget cuts" to the equation. What comes out is a ship that looks much mori like a World War II submarine, at least on the inside. That makes me wander if life on space would feel like one of those old WW II submarine movies. I know that I am not the submarine type of guy. I would probably not make a deep space exploration team. Just being cooped up in a small space is bad enough, but there is nowhere to get away from every one else on the ship. It is impossible to avoid the assholes. There is no fresh anything. The recreation is limited. A halo-deck is not in the budget. You would work most of the time I'm sure. All of this does not take into account the fear of being on your own out in the middle of, well, NOWHERE! I can hear the following exchange.
*captain." says the first mate. " There is an un-reparable slow leak o deck 9 captain. It will deplete our air supplies in six months. What are your orders?"
The captain replies cooly "Abandon ship."
There are stasis chambers and other mechanisms to ease the pain of long-term boredom, but I like the idea of instant travel between points. Two points, no waiting. The submarine model isn't so bad. I remember the Russian sub that sank/crashed in the north Atlantic a couple of years ago. The Russian navy wouldn't let rescuers near the site. Those men were only 170 or so meters down and there was little hope even if those Ruskis would have given in to another country rescuing their crew. Think about space. When it hits the fan, you will be a bit further than 170m from fresh air. There is no holding your breath in a vacuum. The loss of pressure kills instantly. Not fast enough. You just might live long enough to experience your eyes exploding. :-( Do you still want to travel to the stars? I do. It is worth the risk in my opinion.


Software Packaging
I setup software for distribution on the network. Sometimes we run into issues. imagine that. There is an email below that I just couldn't bring myself to send to some one asking about an error that said "you must be administrator to install software" on an XP machine.
I'm not going to contact the vendor. I'm going to repackage the software. Here is why. First I will send the message to the vendor. The vendor will tell us it's our fault for not being administrator on the system. I will tell the vendor that we are administrators on our local machines, but the user name "administrator" is basically disabled on the new 2003 systems and has been replaced with "[####]". This doesn't matter really, because every user at [my company] is a member of the administrator group (more or less) on the local machine. I will explain to the vendor that I can bypass the setup.exe and the software will install without trouble on some machines for some people. It will take me a week to convince them that there is a setting in the packaging system they used that will allow them to fix the problem and I will have to do the research to find the setting and tell them how to do it. Six weeks later we might get a patch. I will spend some time today to repackage the software and bypass the vendor's setup.exe.
After several hours of mucking around with the software I still can't get it to work. I will in the end. Something will work. This stupid thing just keeps coming up with new errors at every turn. It shall succumb.

Evil Genius
I'm an Evil Genius.
Take the test yourself and let me know what kind of villain you are. I was searching for something completely unrelated on google when I stumbled across this site. This is the kind of thing that the internet really needs. People with a good idea presenting it to millions. I will be in the corner practicing my best mad scientist cackle.
Oh, no, not every one is an evil genius. Just us brilliant ones. :-)

What Type of Villain are You? / <º>


I miss Yellowstone
It's been nearly a year. I still dream of Yellowstone. From the aching feet that just didn't matter because I wanted to experience what was around the next bend to getting chased around by buffalo while on horseback it was the time of my life.

Self Motivation
It's all the devil's doing! It cant possibly be my fault I'm so lazy. I suppose I could blame my parents, but they aren't lazy. I catch myself saying "is it a fear of success, or a fear of failure, or a fear of finishing, or a fear of mediocrity?" It is just plane laziness.

There is a show on now depicting a beautiful woman who wants plastic surgery to change her nose. There was an episode of Batman where a villain who used to be a movie star. She wares a mask and wants to make every one ugly. By the end of the episode we find she is beautiful, but she can't see it any more.

I worry when I have nothing to write. Jesus wrote nothing. Socrates wrote nothing. Their ideas survive. Imagine the the words coming without effort or trial. If I could write prose, poetry, dreams all at the slightest whim. Sometimes I want to make people laugh with my words. Sometimes I would love to bring a tear to their eye. All the time I would like to get the words on the page. I must write the paragraph that changes mankind for the better. I must write the words that lead us to the stars. Oh, I had chilly for dinner again. Where are the words?
I remember as a child sitting in front of the television with my dad watching a John Wane movie. He ran into the kitchen on the commercial breaks to chop the onions and grate the cheese. He brought in the chilly made his way, our way.


This session went much better. I didn't write anything for the blog while we played because we were pretty much in the middle of combat the whole time. There narrative suffered a bit, but it was fun to have good old hack and slash.  Three of our party got nabbed and we had to rescue them. It was our DM's method of taking all their stuff away. Every few levels we all get this leveling adventure. The people who were picked lost all their crap and suffered some indignities. Sara (playing a paladin)handled it pretty well. Interestingly, Brisn (not to be confused with Bryan (two different people)) griped a little bit. Alexis took it very well. She seemed to revel in the chance to shine. Man what a difference from her old self. She used to be the most depressed person. She got some help and now she is truly interesting. Anyway. We managed to rescue the others. Now the drinking and whoring begins. We gained a level or so. We are ripping through the levels like mad. Pretty soon we will get into the teens. I find the lower levels more interesting. It's all about Wizards after level thirteen.

Insurance companies are on the news right now griping about paying out on insurance. They say $1.22 was paid out for every $1.00 taken in over the last couple of years. I say they lost too much money in the stock market and are jacking up fees to cover their losses. Insurance is a racket.


Ducks at Work
I just shared a moment with a duck out behind my place of work. We have a little lake out there I think I've mentioned it before. I eat lunch out there when the mosquitoes permit. I was walking back to the building I heard quacking. There were two ducks waddling up the bank. I squatted down and just staid there to watch. One of the ducks came right up to me and just looked at me. We were arms length apart. It seemed like a we sat there for a while. It's funny the places you remember God.

Light and the Expanding Universe
They say the universe is expanding. I don't think so. The only evidence I've heard to support this theory is the fact that the further something is away, the more stretched the light wave is (making it more toward the red side of the spectrum). No one can point to other evidence. In the fifty years of knowing this fact, has anything gotten further away? I have a couple of ideas on the subject.
I think light is affected by gravity in such a way as to stretch out it's wavelength. We know light's path is bent by gravity. Light could be affected by gravity from it's source (a big sun somewhere) and it's destination (earth, a planet) both of which may be pulling on the light wave and stretching it over the years of it's travel.
Light may have a half-life and deteriorate over distance and time. We perceive this as a lengthening of the wave (more red color).
Scientists are just a bunch of nerds with degrees. You know what I think of degrees.

Its that time again. It's the day before we play and I haven't rolled up my new characters yet. since I died so quick;y last time due to ,y boycott of game points, I will bring several characters this time. I'm thinking two barbarians, a cleric fighter, and some kind of archer. If nothing else, I'll get to try out some different characters. I don't plan on living very long. It should be a hoot regardless.

Thumb drive
My EZ Drive let me down Thursday evening. It HAD PC-Jen and some characters saved on it, but the drive was blank when I tried to access it. I keep it in my backpack. I suppose it got knocked around too much. Drag! Now I know is is not highly reliable. No huge loss yet.